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I would think with all the problems of yukkuri breaking into houses, glass manufacturers would have to up the ante and increase ballistics protection.

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  • HeadpatsForNiceheads said:

    In that case I apologize, I did not know bumping old threads was troublesome for users who sort the newer works. It's my first time actually making an account for a booru - most of the time I just save one or two images I like without interacting with posts - so it didn't even cross my mind to not bump them, I got too caught on trying to catch up to yukkuri stories as a newcomer.

    I did not expect people that I was quoting to actually reply to me, I understand most of them probably don't use the site anymore. This was more about trying to comment on the posts and discussions themselves for other lurkers like me. Since there are plenty of posts here from 8-10 years ago with comments made as recently as just 1-2 years ago, I didn't think that would be anomalous behavior. From now on, I'll make sure to only bump content if it's new and relevant.

    yukkurito said:

    I am one of the newer artists, and I intend to tell my stories here for a while until I grow disinterested in yukkuri. There's still newer content here, just less frequent, but there definitely is newer content and lots of it. Possibly even more content from other artists, new and old, thats not yet uploaded here.

    If you want to contribute to ancient conversations from 8 years ago where the people in it are probably long gone from the site by now, you can just click the "no bump" button at the bottom of your comment before you submit it. I'm sure people here would like to converse with you on stuff, but just newer stuff and not the same tired ol' stories.

    There are still plenty of omakes and comics (preferably mine, not to toot my own horn) you can comment on and make conversation on, just chill out with the necrobumping, personal advice.

    So, while I'm not an admin, I can tell you that the official, 'no necrobumping,' rule is basically removed primarily due to the fact that the site has so few visitors anymore that it doesn't really make much of a difference.

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  • Rowmacnezumi said:

    Well now Takumi's just being weird. The family's dead, do we really need to watch Flan get creamed by an airplane that's also committing genocide on a Dosu's clan?

    Wouldn't be the first time Takumi's stories took a really weird twist towards the end and go completely off the rails.

    Just keep in mind that the first part of this entire story took place on Tera Dosu's hat. Think about how fast it flooded with only a little rain -- because the topsoil level isn't very deep, and can't absorb the saturation.

    Thus is why you see the Tera Dosu with waterfalls rolling off of it.

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  • And this is the (tentative) end, until Takumi comes back with the next batch of uploads.

    This catches us up all the way.

    Edit: Pool'd.


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  • donkykong said:

    I thought she was a shithead since she had clear view of what was happening to her mother from afar before the flan came, and recognized its mother was in a state of distress.

    Pretty sure you're gonna say some mean things if you're being ripped apart. Full-on Takumi-style psychological attack for Flan to simply tear her up then just hold her while she yells, instead of y'know, eating her before the rain dissolves her.

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  • doingyourmom said:

    As someone who actively follows Takumi’s Twitter, I assure you, this is not the end. It drags on even more after this.

    I know. I'm just expressing how, at this point, I'm no longer engaged in this story at all. I was, early on, especially with the Flan fight. That was truly epic.

    Now it's a slogfest.

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  • HeadpatsForNiceheads said:

    Yeah, Takumi's artwork is God-tier, but his writing is pretty garbage. The title already spoiled how the story was gonna go, but Marisa's family managing to survive a fully-grown predator only to be done in by a fucking flood of all things. Dozens of pages of build-up, them being niceheads, somehow fending off a Flandre, only to get wrecked by the most ridiculous of things.

    I don't get what's his thought-process, does he want us to get off on their suffering or empathize with them? It's not even exclusive to just this story. Hardworking Big Sister Marisa, anyone?

    It's not just that -- It's all the effort into the fight scene, for a flood (in the middle of a forest? How does that work after barely a night's rain?) to just sweep in and quickly wreck everything, then like I said, Flan to just Deus Ex right there, completely unaffected by the storm whatsoever, the unborn child because moreabyusewhynot...

    It's like you said -- Takumi's art style is god-tier, but the storyboarding is just sooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaad...

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  • ... we're still not done yet? Flan got her snack (despite somehow NOT dissolving), Marisa is crushed, and Reimu (mom) is goo (along with her undeveloped child).

    Wraps it up for me. Not interested any more. :/

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  • Ctmbottomtext said:

    I don't see the point of doing such thing, pixiv isn't the only place for Yu content the whole story is on his twitter

    We could just get the images and post it here

    I have unlimited uploads. I can plug in where you want. Just link me in Discord.

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