One Yukkuri Place



Aquatic types sometimes are more durable in water (depending on the author), but the whole Power of Belief probably lets them drown instead of just realize they're still in one piece.

SirBuggles said:

Can the hat stay there because Marisa is wedged into it, or because there's some weak adhesive?

I've always through that Yukkuri hat rims should be a bit sticky, or at least have some kind of magical "static cling" effect. Not enough to mess up their hair, but also enough to make it slightly less vulnerable as an accessory.

The idea seems to vary based on the author. Sometimes you'll see Marisas picked up by the hat, for example, while in other stories the accessories are easily removed.

Yeah I find myself losing interest lately because every story's the same. I love takumi/big.g/etc's art, but when I know the end result before even opening the comic I just wonder if it's worth reading to begin with.

Man this Reimu is strong as hell. Does the work of a hunter and can fight off Nitoris? She deserves so much better.

So it's a never-ending cycle, then?

I mean, Patchi tried to help fix the cup, at least. Seems a little overkill.

I'm wondering if she's going to help the Nitorikappas kill Marisa while said kappas also kill her.

Vorsch said:

Working on this one, and is it just me or the tenses in this page are all over the place?

I'm just going to put everything in past tense. Unless the present tenses are intentional? (Doubt it, but not 100% sure)

Thanks for the hard work!

Also, interesting that the attitude change in Reimu came immediately after seeing no kos that looked like her, as opposed to just being tired of being the father and hunter.

Yeah this is takumi we're talking about here. She'll die after something horrible happens to the Marisas. Nobody wins.

If she's like the current jealous Reimu types, I wonder if she's thinning out the koMarisas in order to convince Marisa to refresh, for the chance at some koReimus.

It's interesting because even an especially shitty Deibu wouldn't kill koReimus, they're always precious angels or whatever. KoMarisas are as good as dead but this might be the first Reimu I've ever seen be so inept at mothering that she simply murders the kos instead of ignoring them.

I hope a kind Mister Translator tackles the rest of this one soon, it seems interesting! A nicehead story with quite a cliffhanger.

poweryoga said:

It's so easy to write stories about Deibus and forget about where yukkuris came from, but originally Reimus were the hard-working ones where Marisas were the freeloaders (based off Touhou Fandom). Look at some of the older images and you'll see predominantly the shithead Marisa... I think it's only when Z/Gesu-aki came out with his Shithead mother Reimu that the Deibu became popular as the target of abuse.

I remember that, now that you mention it. It's been awhile since I've hit the old comics/stories, maybe I'll have to do that again sometime.

Vorsch said:

Done with this one. Enjoy guys.

This pool confirms that I need to study sfx-es a lot more. I'll get around to it... someday.

Thanks for all the translations lately, fantastic work!