One Yukkuri Place



" Marisa just got silver pin and wants to make gold pin by next year, yu yu! Want to buy some easy skin cream or some easy easy calcium supplements?"

I love these little nuggets of philosophical discussion which crop up from time to time!

A question from a relative beginner into the lore: wouldn't the result of a Marisa experiencing ultimate easiness be the creation of a Dosu?


JusticeItEasy said:

The hat left the little one's head for just two seconds, in front of them and without any room for the not seeing it falling for the lil ones head.
And somehow that was enough for them to not recognize it automatically on spot after recognizing it.

Not sure if dumbness reached a new level, they just got annoyed with the trash talk of the little one and used the "nope not recognizing you" as excuse or a mixture of both?

Silly Pastry Golems are Silly...

Ha! Pastry Golems! I never thought of that before.