One Yukkuri Place



Dafuq ???

Come on takumi

If you read this please consider finishing that myon and yuyuko story

Nothing wrong with marisa family but hey at least i want proper ending for other yukkuri families to take it easy forever !

exitstrategy said:

Wouldn't waking up in the package be considering a manufacturing defect?

actually package considered "expired" already when kos waking up

where's bluesnow ?
he gone already for a month ?
im really sad because i want more abuse tools for yukkuri diary :3

Final_EVO said:

So you can drive cars now and run over yus. Sadly I often end up in any near bodies of water. If you pick up a yu and drop them in the car they bounce around and take damage when you drive.

really want bluesnow update the pool near house become dangerous when yukkuris drop into pool, they starting screaming then drowning and died like yukkuri breeding observation.

Im boring to drowning yukkuris to take them easy forever

Final_EVO said:

Smacked a couple of Reimus until thier eyes dulled and they started drooling. Afterwards all they did was wander around aimlessly and roll. Food is ignored unless given directly to them or they happen to bump into some. No attempt has been made to recover accessories even if they bump into one. They don't seem to revover if given orange juice or affection.

seems they became idiot after got smacked :D
never think this kind of abuse before and when im try i get so much fun !
but still yukkuris made attempt getting their accessories after smacked many times.

Btw where is bluesnow ?
can't wait any longer for YD Latest update O.O
really excited with two "coming soon" and one of it is Factory

Hitosura said:

... all this because Marisa scored a single hit with a toothpick.

and that is critical hit so...

Miss anon should using a stopwatch or time counter to count how long each komarisa survive

after treated uneasy till take it easy forever.

Hope takumi can do like this for the latest work about yuyuko & youmu family !

I think this one of uneasiest way for yukkuri to take it easy forever

lol, nothing wrong with bullying remirya
it's too mainstream only bullying deibu or badiza

hope there's more in the future for bullying other than mentioned above

did i saw dead koyukkuri at right side of the box O.O

maybe because waiting too long but none bought her and got starved till death or infected yukkuritis ?

bunch of memento O.O

guess these are from poor babies killed accidentally by their dumb mother

i love it <3

i want more!

Hitosura said:

Aw, c'mon. This is a very nice Reimu. Also, no, it's not a dream. Easy to tell: she doesn't have her clothes any more. It's likely either her brother, or possibly, her.

It's a Trap!