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List of best/recommended Yukkuri works

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When I joined the Yukkuri fandom, one thing I noticed was that there wasn't really a well established or widely agreed upon list of really good works. Sure, everybody says "Read everything by Kiriraitaa and Takumi", but what comes after that? Sorting by score/favcount is absolutely useless for finding stories thanks to the low usercount of this place (it's kinda useful for finding individual pictures though). The closest thing I've come to a "sort by quality" option on this website is sorting the pools by post count, which don't get me wrong, almost every high post pool on this site is decent to great. But it misses out on a lot of great smaller stories. And don't get me fucking started on trying to find the best text-only fanfics. With that in mind, and to help newbies to this place (cause god knows the Yukkuri fanbase is on life support), I've thought about starting a list of what's considered the best/most recommended Yukkuri works.

I've found two websites ( that has a list of its 20 most favorite Yukkuri stories. I mostly agree with them, and think they would be great starting points for this list of our own. Here's what they have in no particular order, other than the same artists being grouped together:

[Kiriraitaa] True Happiness

[Kiriraitaa] How to Increase Yukkuri's Happiness

[Kiriraitaa] Shell

[Kiriraitaa] Common Crying Yukkuri

[Kiriraitaa] House Yu

[Kiriraitaa] Between Studies

[Yuudoro] High Grade Pet Shop Reimu

[Yuudoro] Stalk Amputation

[No.36] Yun Donuts

[No.36] Crispy and Tender Maricha

[Machiyu Aki] Back Alley Beating

[Machiyu Aki] Yugyaku Education

[Oppai] Room Filled with Happiness for the Little Ones

[Ame Aki] Yukkuri's House

[Yukkuri Jenga] Kotatsu Invasion

[Mecha Aki] A Marisa Diary

[Tenpura Aki] Argue it Easy

[Stake Guy] I don't even know what pool this one is

[avr-18g] Finding a New Home

[36dc] Factory Field Trip

[Suzume Aki] Human Extermination

[Ea Aki] Reimu and Mommy's Clothes

[Aquarium Guy] Yukkurarium Family

Sim Yukkuri!ZYIgTQgA!kEIWmtXyxBHmpG8hhWynreKZzMroaQdtuWFpLilvpeU

[D.O] Anko 0467 (Domesticated Yukkuri Reimu)

[Zenra Aki] Anko 1160

[Gesu Aki] Yukkuris in Town

[Yohaku Aki] Forest of Death

[Kimo Aki] Little Stray Marisa

Of course, if you like one artist's work or artstyle, feel free to explore the rest of their library.
This certainly isn't the be-all-end-all of good Yukkuri stories; there's a handful of stories on this list that in my opinion aren't great, it's excluding a few of of the better works from certain artists in lieu of not-as-great works (for example, I think [Kiriraitaa] The Baby Marisa and the Shelled Marisa ( is one of the best works from Kiriraitaa), and it's missing Takumi and Big.g entirely, who are pretty much the only artists with good artstyles still active in 2017. Like I said though, it's just a starting point, made to be amended and added to.
Personally I would add:

[Kuyagiyu] Yugyakuri

[Machiyu Aki] Abyuse Counselling

[000] Removal of Marisa's Accessory

[Ammo] Yukkuri Family from the City

[Conjoh] Yu

And if we're including games like that one list with SimYukkuri:

Eight Views of Yukkuri

Yukkuri Diary

If you're looking for more stuff, looking at anything under the "Translated" tag is pretty reliable, since it means it was so good somebody took the effort to hard-translate it. This usually skews far more towards older works though since the new method to translate is soft-translating via notes.

As a side note: a lot of these pool names don't even begin to resemble the actual Japanese names of the stories. We should probably fix this.


It's a good idea, and your list inspired me to make my own
The list is supposed to be ordered, with the intent of transitioning as gently as possible from the cute beasts that yukkuri are, to the common abyuse that's made nowadays (going from Makako to DOS's Yuyuko comics is not nice at all, trust me)
Mostly it's placing yukkuri dying for natural causes before yukkuri dying from humans, as the latter can be quite disturbing at times

There are a few missing, mostly because I don't remember the title and the author, and I couldn't find them

Of course that's only for comics, let's not forget about text stories
This time the order is not important, I listed them chronologically (more or less)
[expand=Shorter list]


(I included all the links mostly for completeness)

Lot of (good) stuff, but pretty narrow (mostly abyuse-oriented)

Allow me to expand this list:

Big.G: I scribble yukkuri

"Part 2":

Abyuse Village

Escape from Abyuse Village

Aglet: A Day in a Breeder's Life

Chen Gets A Body

Sweets Robbed Away

しらないさがしもの (Momiji's story!)

きめぇ丸と群れ (Aya's story!)

kou: Cute Reimu
Great start, great story, terrible ending. Like, bad.

nodachi: Kamisama
-This one was good

I am
-pretty much Kamisama part 2. Not as good.

hy835230: Mother and Daughter
... what a rollercoaster.

kou/yohakuaki: Things Not Said

anman: Alice is Marisa nanoze!

In the Middle of the Night and Somehow I Can't Sleep.

yuppiyupitaro: Yukkuri in the Park

shagariko: Reimyu and premature Marisa

shinmai okyasha: ゆんせいは~ども~ど

onishidesu: Beautiful Deibu

aotendon: Reimu's family

bisexual: Awishe and Miss Doll
Warning! Will make you cry!

kodokueajy: Utsuho's family

unknown 18: Komachi and Anon:

Alice and Mister:

Wife Reimu:

Yukkuri Marisa:
You know my feelings on abyuse, but this one ends well.

noraaki: Mass Extermination

Stray Yukkuri:

Vector-K: From There Speak of Before

I'll probably add more later.


BaronMind said:

> beat me to making a YFT story list
> my story is on the list


Cirno should be proud! That story is very city-sect!

Hitosura said:

I'll probably add more later.

You should definitely add something by ayazou like I did
Especially "Mini-Yukkuri Reimu"
I can't even open the pool without crying inside


I appreciate everybody that contributes written and/or illustrated works. Obviously, some is better than others, and some works resonate with some readers more than others.

I don't see my two favorite artists on anyone's list; ana and kacchan.


Street Performing Marisa-The introduction of Canrisa and a very sympathetic mother Marisa.


Compost Family-one of the early examples of yukkurariums and a hella cool Marisa and Reimu forced to live inside


Pet Yu and Mister-One of the earliest examples of home invasion. I really like kacchan's artistic style and how his anons always had close working relationships with their yus. Any of his stories are good. I see a lot of kacchan's influence in aglet's works; the austere style and the working yu partnerships.

Well this makes things easier for me to binge.

I'm back to translate more stuffs! And there's new aglet work! So I'm gonna start from there. Anything you guys really want translated?

Just remember I usually fully translate one pool at a time, so it might take a while.

Translate please!

Let me know when you're done and I'll upload the rest of it. It comes in four parts.

Also, the Big.G stuff I posted.

And, yes! Aglet! Aglet's always good. <3

Oh! And join us on IRC sometime! I'm almost always holding down the fort. I may not have the window up when you greet, so please wait easy!

How do I join IRC (never chat with IRC before) and when do you usually chat?

And goddamn a four parter straight away? Where do I send my invoice?

I kid, I kid.

EasyV said:

Cirno should be proud! That story is very city-sect!

But id's not finished! And neither is the list! Sorry for being so useless! DX

Vorsch said:

I'm back to translate more stuffs!

Yuoooooooooo mister Vorsch can take it very easy! =D

How do I join IRC (never chat with IRC before) and when do you usually chat?

If you're new to IRC we have a mibbit link on the wiki. Can't speak for others but I'm usually on around 9 PM PST, especially Fridays, and Hitosura rarely misses an evening.

BaronMind said:

If you're new to IRC we have a mibbit link on the wiki. Can't speak for others but I'm usually on around 9 PM PST, especially Fridays, and Hitosura rarely misses an evening.

9pm PST would mean around noon Sydney time, huh. Maybe I could pop in. I'm not the most interesting person in the world though.

EasyV said:

What about pool #249 ? :P

I'll just backlog it. After aglet's last work, my next one will be pool #1499. I love this one.

Vorsch said:

9pm PST would mean around noon Sydney time, huh. Maybe I could pop in. I'm not the most interesting person in the world though.

You translate stuff for us. You're part of the community, and we appreciate it easy! :3