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Let's theorize what would happen if you only feed a Yukkuri it's old bean paste wihout it knowing it!

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"It's Old Bean Paste" being a fancier way of saying it's own poo paste, though technically it's pretty much what it is, old or stale paste.

Basically in this thread we theorize and discuss, for the sake of any future story with this kind of element on it, what could happen if a yukkuri was feed only that.

The first thing to consider is that the yukkuri must NOT be aware that's what it's eating, or else we know that the only thing this will lead is to accumulate grief and stress, leading to anti yukkuritis, so taking advantage of the short term memory is key here to make a long term test.

The second thing is that it should be it's own, this isn't a "just give any yu shit" kind of experiment, the idea is to see if "something" happens if the old paste is reintroduced back into it's system, after all the usual consensus is that many times yukkuri shit out bad memories that can be expunged or at least the recent recalling of it (sometimes a lingering core memory remains on it's paste core so an event can't trigger back the memory regardless if the yukkuri discarded the original paste containing it long ago.)
Feeding yu poo from other yu's kinda negates the purpose of this research, though it could be done as a side research to see what effects that would have on the manjuu golem.

Overall that's pretty much it, theorize, discuss and such, for funzies and maybe inspire creativity.

Definitely she would be unable to eat anything else.
It might be stale, but it's still sweet, and we all know what happens when a yukkuri eats a sweet.

Also post #68618 second box offers an opinion.

It likely would die quick enough, you will not be able to build a perpetual motion machine out of yukkuri on it's own shit.

Was about to link same image. It says "nutrients were exhausted". As much as laws of common physics do not apply to magical manju, general common sense is still stating that living things need to keep intaking new digestable matter in, as daily activity or even just maintaining biological processes requires you to burn energy which you get from nutrients. Without new intake, any life form eventually dies.

Now, as I understand you are interested to theorize what may happen if you keep feeding bad memories back to it. For sake of thought experiment let's consider it is eating only it's own poo plus some small amount of bland food and water to just let it maintain body processes.

I believe that old memories would still fade over time, albeit much slower. After spending energy from initially received from food and transforming it to poo, it loses some of nutritional value. This means that over large amount of repetition almost no value will be left in poo. In image linked above it turns to sand. This probably means that at some point this is not even bean paste anymore, and therefore does not hold any memories. New memories to replace faded ones will be built in paste that resulted in digesting those small amounts of additional food. If yukkuri has no absolutely no way to fade old memories and get new ones, it dies of hunger over time, huh. That's what we get when we link memory to digesting cycle. No perpetual memory machine either.

But this way you can maybe get a yukkuri with much better capability to remember things for a long time.


In my headcanon yukkuri filling has something 'different' about it, that only yukkuri can notice. Poo-poo is stinky and uneasy whether the yukkuri knows where it came from or not. My inspiration was the Patchouli that died in Mother and Daughter by hy835230 - specifically post #47773.

So, in my yu-niverse, this would be a very boring experiment. =)

Yeah I am pretty much running with the headcannon that it's mainly a imagination power kind of deal for yukkuris and the only way the "poo" stinks is because the yukkuri thinks so, but the very same poo can suddenly "not smell anymore" if the yukkuri forgets it's poo.

Not sure how longevity would work, probably another headcannon thing, I recall that in some old stories about the whole "making yukkuris "poo Slaves" ", unless aware they were eating poo, they wouldn't necessarily die off, only if they knew, the stress and despair would lead to anti yukkuritis. Only ones immune to this are the premmie yu's who just don't care and eat poo regardless of knowing there it came from.

And yeah, Memory effects is something I would be interested on theorizing about, one possibility like EasyDeibu said is that, it may slightly extend the memory span but not make it as long lasting as a normal human's memory or the usual traumatic core writting memory.
As we know, Traumatic Memories tend to linger for way longer on yukkuris, examples being all those yukkuris survivors recalling exterminations or similar events in their lives.

Also, we could be a bit more lenient with the experiment, allowing some extras like orange juice or similar supplements for yukkuris to be added to the mix of poo for the sake of making sure the yukkuri have enough nutrients.

It starts gaining intelligence at a rapid pace as it retains the memories expelled with the poo and its potential abilities increase as a consequence of the increase in intelligence. It however cannot act on that potential as for this experiment to work you have to keep the yukkuri in its enclosure so it does not wander off and try out better tasting food that may break the daze of hunger.

I wonder about the maximum potential of a yukkuri who was benefiting from consuming its own poo without the potential bad effects of such who can move around unmolested by any danger of any sort.

"Poo slaves" are not dying specifically because their numbers are less than amount of yukkuris that are crapping into their hole. Or in more rare cases yukkuris that support them are very well fed, and produce large amounts of poo.

If one could indefinitely survive on it's own poo, that means that same amount of poo would keep coming out, never lessening in the cycle. That kinda defeats "poo slaves" purpose, they would crap out same amount that they ate. Never actually helping with recycling or prolonging use of the hole.