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Translation and Tagging

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We used to use translation_available to signal that a pic had translations in the comments, but it would appear that this has not been carried over to notes. So please, if you translate with notes, please mark the image as translation_available.

(If it's still missing notes for substantial parts and you're not going to fill them in, perhaps partial_translation would be appropriate.)

Updated by platina

I figure I'll do it after I'm done translating the whole thing, but sometimes I forget/have to suddenly leave mid-translation. Sorry.

Yeah, like Unyu, I sometimes forget, but I'll try to keep on it.

Not translation, but tangentially related: I've just started using summary_available to tag Anko illustrations where I've posted a story summary in the comments, but now I'm waffling over what to do for ankos that have multiple illustrations. I was going to do a (non-bump) comment like "Summary available in 29746" and tag all the parts with summary_available, but I keep having second thoughts.

...And I've gotta go to work now, so I won't follow through on all this until I get back.

Wrote up most of a summary before realizing somebody had already done a full translation of the anko. Think I'll start tagging those with story_translation_available.