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Yunya as a tag?

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As the title suggests, lots of pools depicted that yukkuri frequently say "yunya" (in Japanese stuff) or "yunyah" (in Western stuff) when they are confused about the situation, and I find it very funny, so can we just give them some kind of acknowledgement, similar to "It's like flying in the sky" or "Sweet-sweet"? Here are some pools that have yukkuri say that word pool #309, pool #2101,

I did suggest it in post #80532, and @poweryoga said that if I like, I could make a discussion about it, so here it is. He also said that we couldn't tag all of the previous posts effectively. Well, tbh, he's right, but everything has a start I guess?

What are you guys thinking?


I always said in various places that if you think a post needs a tag, just add it.
There are a few exceptions to this advice, but they are very few and nothing that can't be taken care of by looking at the post change history.
You want to add "yunyah" as a tag to a post? Do it.
Retroactively tagging old posts is something that can be done when such old posts are found, e.g. you get linked to them.