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The bulk update request #50 is active.

create implication platinum_badge -> badge
create implication gold_badge -> badge
create implication silver_badge -> badge
create implication bronze_badge -> badge

A corpse is a "dead" body, so you cannot have "corpse" without "death".
Cannot have a badge without being a pet, I guess?

EDIT: The bulk update request #50 (forum #14202) has failed: Error: The platinum_badge tag needs a corresponding wiki page (create implication platinum_badge -> badge)

EDIT: The bulk update request #50 (forum #14202) has been approved by @EasyV.

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Cosmos said:

A corpse is a "dead" body, so you cannot have "corpse" without "death".

The death tag refers to the point where a yukkuri dies i.e. switches from a living state to a dead state.

I think the distinction is that the death tag should therefore only be used when the reader actually sees the yukkuri dying.

Thus yukkuri corpses that were already there before the story should not have a death tag.

Cosmos said:

Cannot have a badge without being a pet

Some yukkuris steal badges. If you extend the definition of badge to all emblems, then yukkuris forge badges from paper, and IIRC there was one pool about yukkuris fighting for a flower badge as well.

If non-pet yukkuris can have badges, then badge should not implicate human ownership.

Mikato said:


Oh, I didn't know that, I read a wiki, it says

A badge affixed to the accessory of a yukkuri to signify it is owned by a human

So, I think badge equals pet.

Yeah, I agree about the "corpse" and "death".

There's also platinum_badge. I made most of the badge tags

Would be fine to implicate all the badge types to badge . The corpse and pet implications I don't agree with right now

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