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The bulk update request #67 has been approved by @EasyV.

create implication cardboard_box -> box
create implication licking -> tongue
create implication munch_munch_happiness -> happy
create implication munch_munch_happiness -> eating

Pretty straightforward, cardboard "box", and they cannot "lick" without a "tongue", I assume. And they can only say "munch munch happiness" while they are "eating" something and they're "happy" because they eat it, yes? Feeding is just another way of saying a yukkuri eat something brought by others.

EDIT: The bulk update request #67 (forum #14315) has been approved by @EasyV.

Updated by OniisanBot

The last one is not really that straightforward.
The wiki pages seem to tell us that feeding and eating should be used in different circumstances.

Yeah, we can ignore that, but I think we should update the wiki because it's kind of misleading.
I think we should only use "feeding" when yukkuri are being fed, but they don't have to eat to qualify for this tag, like post #64311 or post #81344, just action is enough for this tag.

We can change the wiki into this:
"When yukkuri is being fed by someone else, they don't have to eat, but if they do, use in conjunction with eating", that way, it will lower the chance of misunderstanding because the wiki about "feeding" mention "eating" with it.

Let's do it this way then: I'll remove the eating implication, then you guys decide on what to do with those two tags, then make a new request if needed.