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The bulk update request #79 has been rejected.

rename chili -> spicy
rename chili_pepper -> spicy
rename pepper -> spicy
rename hot_sauce -> spicy
rename habanero -> spicy
create alias chili -> spicy
create alias chili_pepper -> spicy
create alias pepper -> spicy
create alias hot_sauce -> spicy
create alias habanero -> spicy
create alias hot_pepper -> spicy
create alias capsaicin -> spicy
create implication food_teasing -> food_abuse

Just condensing basically 6 of the same tags to one. I considered making them simply an implication but I feel like there's not much difference in each of the tags. Sure pepper, hot sauce, and spicy candy are all different forms but they're for the most part used in the same way and have the same effects.

Also threw in an unrelated implication

Why rename when alias works perfectly?

Also imo food abuse is way more severe than teasing since teasing sometimes can be ff (e.g. owner playing with his/her pet yukkuri).

Yeah, things like this one definitely don't fit for abuse stuff (post #58890).

Instead of renaming them, why not just create an alias? Is there anything different from each other?

I kind of a mix between combining them and not combining them. For one, yeah, it would be much easier to tag and find them (especially for newcomers), but if we do that, then everything else (like sweet_sweet, for example) like this one: lots of variants, lots of different kinds, but same in attributes, so if we compress all of those spicy things together, should we do that for the sweet too?

Suitable implication, but not definitely not a rename. Granularity is important and the purpose of tags is to be able to discern pictures to a greater degree, and this is the exact opposite purpose. The smaller the tag group, the more easily you can discern a specific picture, provided it's tagged properly.


Edit: To be clear, all of these are good implications. Alias is not the same as implication though, so keep that in mind.

If you want to be able to search spicy related stuff, all of these can be approved as implications.

EasyV said: stuff

I check messages or read the comments once in 2 months or so, therefore pinging me is pointless. Also, I won't participate in discussions about tags and/or aliases on a webpage devoted to pics of sentient pastries, because I find it too autistic for my taste.
Please refrain from dragging me into it.


I thought with your experience you'd have some advice or insight.
I won't bother you then. Sorry.