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Anko summary request thread

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Just as we have a translation request thread, and seeing how nobody has time to do full translations anymore I think a thread like this one is needed.

Also, as a summary is way longer than a quick translation, i think we should pick an anko for summary every week. I think thats fair for anyone who wants to know about an anko.

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danogoat said:
Also, as a summary is way longer than a quick translation, i think we should pick an anko for summary every week.

Sorry for the late reply; I haven't visited the forums in a while.

As an occasional anko reader/summarizer, I promise to drop by this thread and take any requests (whether it's one a week or 20) into consideration, but whether or not I actually do it, and the length/level of detail I put into the summary, will depend on how interesting I find the story.

Tapdancingchrist said:
I have a request.

what the hell is going on in this set?

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Its pretty self-explanatory.

Anon adopted a stray Marisa family and starts off by removing one of the eyes of the parent.
Later he tortures/kills the kos by cooking them on the stove, lighting them on fire and crushing them.
Eventually Anon removes the other eye of the parent Marisa AND the remaining kos so they're all blind.
Since they're all blind, their lives "improve" (ignorance is bliss, and whatnot) only to have it shattered when Anon kills the ko right next to the parent.
The story ends with Anon revealing that parent Marisa and the surviving kos have been cannibalizing their siblings and the parent goes insane with the realization while the kos continue to cannibalize their recently killed sister.

This is for Anko3608, which I haven't seen the picture on here yet.

Anko3608: A rain of paste

It's a hot sunny summer day.

An Anon is relaxing in his home in front of a fan, when a Marisa-Reimu couple with a Marisa-Reimu kid pair come demanding him give them his house and bring sweets.

He goes over to the window, and closes it, shutting out their voices. Due to him being an abyuser, his place is designed to be difficult to break into and soundproof. The reason why he isn't abusing them right now is because he can't think of a good way to do so, being of the time that prefers to make yukkuris suffer for a long time rather than crushing their lives out.

Then when he goes back in front of his fan, he hits upon an idea. First he gets a hot plate and starts heating it up, putting a plastic sheet on the floor to prevent a mess later. He grabs the family outside and puts them in a holding case, and prepares orange juice in case things don't go the way he wants. Lastly, he removes the grille from his fan, exposing the blades.

They start insulting him when he opens the box again, but scream when he burns the feet of the koyukkuris. The Marisa says it'll punish him, but when he dares it to, all it can do is to throw its body against the sides of the case ineffectively. In the end, he puts the koyukkuris on the sheet in front of the fan, while the parents scream at him to save them.

"As if I'm going to, idiots. Why would I heal their feet if I'm the one who burned them? It's your turn next."

After crippling the parents too, he puts them next to their children in front of the fan, and turns it up to its highest setting. Buffeted by the strong wind and unable to move away, all they can do is scream and beg Mister Wind to stop bullying them. Then he picks up the Komarisa and goes to the back of the fan, ignoring their screams at him to stop.

Then he pushes its face into the blades.
The Komarisa's skin, teeth, eyes, paste, tongue and paste core gets turned into a rain of paste that splatters the other three yukkuris, who are staring in shock.

They soon find their words and curse him again, but he just picks up the Koreimu. The Reimu starts bowing and begging him, apologizing and saying that it's a really easy little one, while the Marisa continues to swear at him. He gets irritated by the fact that it considers its pride more important, and the Koreimu joins its little sister as a rain of paste.

The parents no longer insult him. The Reimu has gone insane, only muttering 'Little ones... little ones...' over and over, while the Marisa is just staring at him, pale and silent.

But when he picks it up, it starts to scream, apologizing and calling out to Reimu for help, but its partner just continues to mutter in its insanity. As he inches it towards the blades, it keeps saying sorry and tries to squirm free, but Anon has a tight grip on it, leaving it absolutely no chance of escape.

Even as its body gets carved into paste, the Reimu continues to mutter to itself, not caring that its mate's paste is raining onto it.

Eventually, its mouth is entirely gone, and he finally reaches the area where the paste core is. He wonders why its eyes are still moving, which means its still alive. Just as he thinks about it, a black lump falls out, and the Marisa's eyes finally stop moving. It's dead.

Anon picks up the paste core and puts it in the bag of orange juice, where it repairs the small wound it suffered. It wasn't hard, but it moved deeper into the Marisa to avoid getting smashed by the fan's plastic blades, and the Marisa didn't die.

Seeing the Reimu is still 'alive' and talking, he grabs a knife and cuts it to remove its paste core. It goes 'Yugya!' when he opens up its head, but that's it. It stops twitching for 5 seconds when he removes the paste core.

Then he puts the Marisa's paste core inside and applies orange juice, closing up the wound.

Three minutes after the transplant, the Reimu... no, the Marisa wakes up. It can feel pain in its head, and remembers being killed by the uneasy human, a memory that sends a chill down its back. Marisa opens its eyes to get an idea of the situation, and sees skin, eyes, teeth and paste all over the blue ground. It is unmistakeably the place where it was killed, the tools that the human used to murder it, and seeing them makes Marisa shiver in fear.

"Are you awake?"
A familiar voice calls out to it, and Marisa is speechless with fear.

Because the voice belonged to...!! It's odd!! Marisa had died!! It finally died!! Things shouldn't be like this!! It can't be happening!!

Then it hears a constant wooshing sound, as well as feel a strong brushing feeling over its skin. The sound, the sensation... they're unmistakeable. Marisa notices the fast moving thing in front of it.

From behind, the voice calls out to it again.
"Do you know where you are?"
"Hm? Did you say something?"
"Whry... iz Bariza alive...? Didzn't... Bariza die...?"
"Aah! So it really is Marisa! Marisa, I'll tell you something nice! I brought you back to life!"

In this situation, hearing those last few words doesn't bring Marisa any joy. It can't forget the torment it experienced from the spinning thing in front of it.

"Sorry about doing this when you just came back to life, Marisa,"


"Die again once more."

So saying, Marisa's body approaches the thing slowly.

Inside its mind, Marisa screams for help, begging for death. In the end, one last wail escapes its lips.

On that day, the Anon killed Marisa over and over with the fan. As a Marisa, as a Reimu, as an Alice, as a Patchouli, as a Chen, as a Myon. Each time, it was always with Marisa's 'brain'.

Each time he ground up its body, the paste core survived, and he would heal it in orange juice, not letting it go crazy. And he would pull out its tongue so it couldn't do 'Eat up'.

Anon didn't really hate Marisa any more than usual. He would do the same to another yukkuri if it died. He was just interested in giving the same yukkuri so much suffering that it would beg for death.

And today, the Marisa would become a rain of paste again. providing Anon with more entertainment.

Nice to see you've found the forum since a lot of people seem to not realize it exists at first or that it is being used. Also, you can feel free to make new threads for picture-less anko summaries. I don't think anyone will get mad if you do and it'll be better organizationally speaking for the forum.

kurutto-kun said:
So.... yukkuri can do "eat up" just cause they have a tounge? Wut? That makes no sense.

I was just reading a different anko (dunno if it was by the same author) where two unhappy yukkuris were about to commit suicide by "eat up," and an abuser who wanted to prolong their suffering ripped their tongues out so they couldn't commit suicide. The yukkuris could still sort of speak with a slur, but the author said that because they couldn't pronounce "eat up" properly, they couldn't commit suicide.

Also, you can feel free to make new threads for picture-less anko summaries. I don't think anyone will get mad if you do and it'll be better organizationally speaking for the forum.

What if we made one thread for every hundred ankos (e.g. Anko Summaries: 1-99, 100-199,...3700-3799, etc.)? And whatever non-illustrated summaries we happen to do, we post them in the appropriate thread for their number? I have a whole bunch of summaries for unillustrated ankos, and if I post every single one in a new thread, these forums would be flooded. (Although creating 37 different threads for anko summaries would also flood the forums...). OTOH, if we had only one thread for posting anko summaries, it would quickly become hard to find summaries and see which ankos had already been summarized.

Good idea, platina. By the way, I just translated anko 3639. It's one nice story about yukkuris challenging a human, except this time he sticks it to them by throwing their words back into their faces along with a boot to the head.

Explosion said:
Whatever, I was just trying to say in a nice way not to post summaries in the summary request thread.

If we need a place to throw them what about the wiki here? The thing already has some stories archived there.

I'm not familiar with editing the wiki (yet), but that looks like it might be good. Better for organized archiving, less good for promoting/allowing discussion of the stories--which is also a problem that we'd have if we used my idea of one forum thread per hundred ankos.

Any mods wanna advise?

Back the the resquests, we got many "with story" or "anko related" pictures updated in the note section, maybe some of them coudl be interesting Summaries for Platina or Wrathkal?

Ive been updating the summary available tag. If someone sees a picture with a summary please update! A lot is okay!

I've started posting some of my backlog of unillustrated anko summaries in the wiki, beginning with the 3500 block. I made a wiki page for anko3500-3599 and pasted the Japanese title list from the anko mirror there. After I've made a wiki entry for a story, I edit the list to add the link to the summary, the English title, and a one-sentence description.

I'm thinking that for stories that none of the translators care enough about to summarize in detail, we can skip making a separate wiki entry and just translate the title and (if we've read/skimmed it) add a description to the list.

I haven't tried to do anything with the Japanese tags after the titles yet--they're not applied consistently, and I can't figure out their distinction between "ijime" (bullying) and "gyakutai" (abuse). (I've considered that maybe one is deliberately human-inflicted and one is not, or one is more severe than the other, or one is fatal and one is not, but I can find exceptions to every rule I try out.)

Ooh, thanks platina. The Handmade Abuse one was fun to read.

Here's one I read before, but haven't posted.

Lonely Reimu and the Patchouli who lives in the forest

A Reimu with a blue ribbon is born to a family in a clan, and grows up bullied and starved by the yukkuris around her for being uneasy scum, spared only because her death would smell.

One day, she ends up at a forest while escaping her siblings, where an uneasy yukkuri is said to live. However, a Patchouli with a carved wooden badge fixes up her wounds and feeds her.

Since then, Reimu sneaks away to visit Patchouli, who not only feeds her, but teaches her as well. Calling Patchouli her big sister, Reimu learns about many things, and about what humans can do. She promises not to approach the place where humans live as they're uneasy.

When winter draws near, the clan starts complaining about there being a lack of food. Then one yukkuri suggests it's because an uneasy yukkuri is hoarding them all. Realizing who they'll go after, Reimu escapes to warn Patchouli. However, Patchouli is old and can't move anymore.

Patchouli was previously a pet yukkuri to humans, well-loved by them. She wanted to improve human-yukkuri relationships, and decided to live with wild yukkuri in order to teach them. However, they refused to listen and cast her out, so she ended up living alone in the forest.

Patchouli gives Reimu her carved wooden badge and tells her to go to where the village is, having taught her before. The villagers will recognize the badge and see Reimu as a friend. Crying, Reimu asks one last favor... to call Patchouli her mother.

Later, after they've finished punishing the uneasy yukkuri, the clan realize that there's still no food. This time, they blame the humans, and set off to punish them. However, the humans are ready, and trap the yukkuri in nets. Reimu's family recognize her, and scream at her to help them.

Asking some questions about why the clan came, the villagers are enraged when they hear about how they killed Patchouli, and they start slaughtering the yukkuris, until only Reimu's family is left. When they hear that their fate is up to Reimu to decide, they immediately start apologizing and flattering Reimu.

Reimu rejects them as her family, since they killed her REAL family... her mother Patchouli, and tells them to die. The villagers kill them, and Reimu sheds a tear. Whether it's out of sadness from losing her only paste-related family, or the joy of having gotten her revenge, no one knows.


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