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I wanna edit something

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1. I'd like to see the Big Family series by Mechaaki edited; it's full of yukkuri antics and annoying faces. It's currently stopped at page 4: post #11044. We can add a translation request and wait for someone to translate it.

2. The Yukkuri Family from the City series by Ammo: pool #155.

3. Another Back Alley Beating by artist___sales_guy; the last hard edit was also on page 4. Here is the next page, 5: post #13329 And just about everything else by Sales Guy too.

4. Everything by artist___salesnukiaki that hasn't been edited yet. Some has been translated- some not.

5. This: post #33533 as well as everything in here: premature_yukkuri. What has translations so far: premature_yukkuri translation_available.

6. anger_inducing translation_available.

Yikes, Yukkuri family in the city is really unorganized and I don't really feel like sorting thorugh it all at the moment. I'll finish up Another Back Alley Beating for now + some of the various chansketches that are lying around

everything with translations by salesnukiaki has been edited

EDIT: Gonna check if kurutto-kun intends on finishing Backalleybeating first