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I do a lot of digging through the archives and find some really unusual and entertaining pictures. I always figured it'd be nice if other people saw them too, but instead of necrobump pictures (which doesn't work all the time cause of the comment limit), I figured I'd make a thread here and just post the pictures here.

Anyway, heres a few pictures (and tags) that I ran into today.

post #5983
post #38965

Recently summarized anko: post #8337


yukiyuzen said:
Can someone explain this tag to me? sex_filling

Come on, dude, don't you just hate it when you're browsing sex or rape or penipeni and half the pictures have no money shot? [/sarcasm]

(...and on second thought, I apologize if my sarcasm has offended anyone for whom this is an actual concern. NTTAWWT, guy, NTTAWWT.)

yukiyuzen said:
Need more pictures with beer

Happy Yuktoberfest!

Damn, that nest diagram has some tiny, tiny print.

yukiyuzen said:
Possibly the best animated gif in the archives post #14981

That one is pretty funny. For some reason I can't help but imagining the Yakkettey Sax song playing over that gif.

OYP is still part of the internet ass-tan
Chen gets it? post #10247
Cause raper_alice and raper_raper_alice wasn't good enough blob_alice
People love their Chen hybrids... flan_chen aya_chen
But needs more Orin hybrids! yuka-orin
Why child_protection never works post #20677
One of the more uncommon variations tomato_yukkuri (Tag explanation post #13821)
Oh taggers... yukkuri_fapping_techniques
HUGE dosu or SMALL yukkuris? post #22688
My my... : post #21066
The first picture of yukkuris being born inside a capsule? post #6074
Theres a tag for everything reflection_from_eyeball
Oddly underused conjoined
Randomly following tags has its rewards post #3503


amicustribusyu said:
What amazes me is that there are 21 posts tagged with it.


...You're doing this on purpose, aren't you?

How DARE those cats abuse yukkuris! Thats Anon's job! post #10789
Thats not Anon, thats a ghost (I'm making stuff up) post #10721

Because we're so good at being consistent bariza bawiza
Once more! flowers flower
Again again! underfoot squashed
YES AGAIN! piss peeing
C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER! meme derp

Spelling fail? anayru (I don't understand half the tags amicustribusyu make so I've stopped deleting/fixing them.)

Holy crap I was tempted to make a new post just for this!

Cause we gotta cater to the junkie crowd:


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