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Anko numbering--3 digits vs. 4 digits in tags and Wiki

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I'm seeking advice on coordinating anko# tags between the story lists/summaries that Wrathkal and I have been putting up on the Wiki, and the tags that already exist in the system.

The problem is with the first 999 ankos. Some of the illustrations have been tagged with a 3-digit number (e.g. anko583), and some have been tagged with a 4-digit number (see anko0*). A while back, T1G made Wiki pages for two of the 3-digit ankos, anko719 and anko722.

OTOH, Wrathkal and I work from the Anko mirror site, which numbers everything with 4 digits, and we've put up three Wiki pages using the 4-digit numbers (anko0329, anko0510, and anko0547).

I see three possible options:
1) Edit or alias tags, and delete/re-enter a few Wiki pages, to standardize everything to "anko###" (or anko##).

2) Ditto, but standardizing everything to "anko0###."

3) Don't mess with the existing tags. So, when I put up the anko0500-0599 index page (or should I call it anko500-599?), the list will contain a mix of 3- and 4-digit numbers, like this:

*anko0547 (Unillustrated story. Link goes to a wiki page with summary.)
*anko583 (No wiki page yet. Link goes to the pictures with this tag.)
*anko0584 (Unillustrated, unsummarized story. Placeholder for a future summary link.)

Your thoughts?

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Since you two are the most active translators of ankos, I think its best if the two of you settle on whatever is easier for the both of you.