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Random yukkuri biology

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For one of the fun regular topic in discussions.

First... since there's no canon in yukkuri stories, this is strictly your own ideas of how the yukkuri anatomy and psychology works.

No right or wrong here, only which one seems more acceptable and fun to be used. Everyone's cool with that ? :)

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Depending if the quantity of death by anything but humans eating them outnumbers the quantity of humans eating them, I think diabeetus's plan failed epically.

Well, Diabeetus was never known for having plans that work.

But he DOES have a very handsome mustache!

On the topic of eating yukkuris, the health aspects isn't something I see brought up very often. I think I've seen it twice, once in Poweryoga's For He is just a Man (causes Diabeetus) and once in that short story Tea wrote about the yukkuri alarm clock/breakfast set (causes healthiness). I wonder why people don't talk about that aspect of yukkuris very much.

So... by the way, what's the theme for first session ?
Better limit it to one thing first until we're bored before randomly switching topic :)

Salem said:
So... by the way, what's the theme for first session ?

Either the biology behind Yukkuri needing to shit immediately after eating or where the fuck do they get their super-ego from? Seriously they're like vampire bats except in the bat's case it's completely justified as plasma takes up a lot of room compare to the actual blood they're feasting on.


I always figured the poo pooing immediately after eating bit was because their skin gets too tight due to the increased filling mass. Like... their skin can only stretch so far before it becomes uncomfortable and they want to poo poo.

And oh look, here comes starshine to try to derail the thread because he's still pisT at his crappy 9/11 shock value picture getting deleted.

And oh look here comes zidana123 throwing accusations around and making things worse because he's mad somebody didn't agree with him in the internet.

So why are you so trying so hard to troll me then, starshine? If in fact it wasn't your picture that got deleted? Why are you so butthurt?

starshine said:
But he started it!

She, actually. And if you meant I started by posting on-topic in this thread until you derailed it with your petty trolling due to having your 9/11 picture deleted, you're totally right.

And back on topic:

As for the super-ego, I'm a believer in the whole 'they perceive humans as uneasy beings due to looking similar to yukkuris but not having accessories' bit, and they instinctively look down on the humans for being uneasy.

Perhaps the same language also play a part.
Being able to speak the same language, they would think human as the same as (uneasy) yukkuri, they can give orders. This is assuming they know it's useless giving orders to animals that can't speak their language.
Would explain the different show of ego against human or animals.

Uneasy thing + can't listen = Unusable = Punishment!
Uneasy thing + can listen = Usable = Slave!

I don't really have any headcanon, outside of the commonly accepted 'baseline' of yukkuri abilities/biology that tends to carry throughout most stories. Though if an artist/writer can provide a reasonable in-story explanation for something completely new, or different from something commonly accepted, I'm open to such divergence from the norm. The very mutability of yukkuri provides ample fodder for any number of mutations.

I'm particularly interested in the egg-laying variant, and would like to see more artists/writers explore that. From a biological standpoint, it strikes me as being the most advantageous form of birth for yukkuri. Laying eggs means the mother would shed the physical burden of carrying offspring sooner, and be free to aid in hunting/gathering food. In the all-too-likely event of the mother getting killed, provided the eggs had already been laid, they'd have the potential to still hatch even without the mother (and/or father). Their odds of survival without parents are likely still rather abysmal, but they'd still have a chance. It's true that in some rare cases, mammalian or even stalk pregnancies manage to outlive the mother, but without outside intervention, these rare few are almost certainly doomed to the same fate as their parents before being fully developed.

Another even less explored (if at all) concept: mitosis. Given that yukkuri have been repeatedly thought of as overgrown single-cell organisms, I'm almost surprised that simply splitting into new yus isn't more common. They're seemingly even halfway there, with the parental capability to induce 'eat up easy'. Interesting as that might be from a biological perspective though, I'd say it's for the best that they don't reproduce just by division upon reaching a certain size. If that's all it took for them to multiply, all the bad luck, natural predation, and abyusers in the world wouldn't be enough to curb their population.

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