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A Fool's errand. What yukkuri should we put in the sim

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This topic is to help decide what yukkuri we should put in the sim. For other things relating to the sim, please post them in the topic labeled as "A Yukkuri raising sim? A fool's errand?".

Anyways we are trying to decide what yukkuri to include. The yukkuri that you can start with are the Reimu and Marisa types. We decided that after fulfilling certain conditions you could unlock a different type. This is a game that allows love and abuse, so if people could suggest what Yukkuri(s) they would like to abuse or take care of I would appreciate it. It would be even better if you can recommend how to unlock it.

For example if we were to put in Tenshi, we could have it become available after you become a hardcore abuser.

Or if you raise yukkuri that obediant and a nicehead, you could possibly unlock Momiji.

just because I listed these two doesn't mean that we will use them. Also just because someone says that they want a yukkuri doesn't mean that we will use them. However the more times that different people list the same yukkuri the more likely that it will be used, so remember to list several, so long as you don't list fifteen or more of them in a post it is fine, and listing how to unlock them is optional.


Alright I will use Reimu as the base model for the other yukkuri. Marisa will be the second type. These two are a must since they are the most common yukkuri.

It is likely we will use some of the more common types like Alice,Patchouli, or Chen. But I still need votes to see which ones people want to see. As of now the only yukkuri that are definatly going to be in the game are the Reimu and Marisa.

That and I would like it if people listed some not so common types as well.

I do have types that I like but I will not add any that people do not say that they want. I am trying to appeal to a wider audience while also trying to prevent myself from going overboard.

Once you get the base yukkuri working, then you can worry about other archtypes. Reimu and Marisa first, once they're working and bouncing around lets talk other ideas. ;) If you're doing the program correctly it shouldn't be hard to add other types once you have a base function that you're calling to create a yukkuri.

All about scoping out the project correctly!

You are right, I guess I am jumping the gun, after all if we can't get that to work then it won't matter about all the other stuff that we plan to put in there.

I still would like to hear about what peoples favorites are, so that I can at least have idea.

Anyways thanks for responding so often Poweryoga, I really respect your opinions and advice.

No prob, because you're walking through my exact steps in terms of programming the game so I just want you to avoid mistakes I made. Remember KISS: Keep it simple, stupid!

A program should be skeletal and up and running before you tack on features. It should be modular and self-commenting. As always I'm willing to help compile/test and even code (provided I get some free time here and there).

Yeah, If you are willing to help it would be appreciated poweryoga, but we are still in the concept stages, so it may take a while for us to ask for your help with testing/coding/compiling.

I think that Kisume would be a good one to have, would people be interested that yukkuri?

I would probably have it follow the hermit crab style.

lonefool said:
I think that Kisume would be a good one to have, would people be interested that yukkuri?

I would probably have it follow the hermit crab style.

A bucket loli is fine too!

Yeah though Kisume is one of the few types that I feel bad about abusing, another being Nitori. But if I put them in there I will not be playing favorites, any and all yukkuri types that will be added to the game can be loved or abused.

I was however thinking about if certain yukkuri are abused, such as a Kaguya or Mokou type (if they are used) the protagonist would get attacked by a EX-Keine or an Eirin. Or in cases of Medicine or Utsuho types, get sick or die, since Medicine's filling is supposed to be poison, while Utsuho is nuclear. I guess I could say they earned the dumbass ending...

While I'm against abusing Utsuhou's, I'll point out that as long as you don't 'break the skin', it shouldn't explode, thus enabling some forms of abuse...

But again, don't abuse Okuu! Abusing Okuu can't take it easyyyy!!

They are devoted to three different parts of the game. The original is for trying to recruit people to help.

This one is about picking which yukkuri we are going to put in the game.

While the other one is for discussing what attributes we should put in the game, and what those attributes effect.

The reason that I separated them is because my teammate and I agreed that it would be less confusing and easier to manage that way.

I however am the one who looks after the forums and responds to comments.

My teammate says that he will supply me with the programs I need along with a possible third teammate. However I have not heard from my teammate in a long time though. Hope he is just really busy...

my recommendations:

the 4 commons: weimyu, mawicha, awish, patchy


chen, ran, aya, remilia, flan, youmu, nitori, and meiling

add parsee as a secret unlockable

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