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YFT contest 2013 - with prize!

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Since the community has repeatedly shown to have huge balls and will to contribute (the relay comic, the OYP migration, organizing pools, yukkuri simulators and translations are just some of the examples - and that without considering past stories), what about a contest to revitalize our Yukkuri Fanfic Translation site?

How does it work: starting from now on until the 5th of April any user can post a story of any genre on YFT.
If he wants, said story will be taken in consideration by a jury, out of the competition and immune from bribery and puff-puffing.

Judges: myself, Poweryoga, and Danogoat.
If someone of them feels it's too burdensome they can call a substitute (but hey, we will be needed only at the end of the contest).

The gorgeous prize? A picture from Danogoat!!!
Be it about your story or whatever you want, said picture will help you to sleep well at night and warm your heart whenever you are feeling down.
Clean, good looking and definitively easy, it's a must for any OYP user: what are you waiting for!!!
Whenever Dano should have problems, I'll ask another artist around or eventually think of a prize from myself if there's really no other option: the reward for the winner is absolutely granted.

Let me know here if you like the idea or want to participate as "challengers": glory and sweet-sweets awaits you, don't make me puff!

Questions are welcome~


HankySpank said:
Sounds like fun!

It really is.
You get to contribute, a public that will read your story and if you win, you even get a picture - yours and yours only!

Everybody can participate (you, for example *wink-wink*): no drawing skills are required, you don't need to be a naturally born english to write and you have a whole months to do anything you want.
My personal dream would be involve even someone who never wrote anything so that we get new cool people.

YukkurisMustDie said:
a lewd picture I bet.

Danogoat means business, hide your sweets and clench your teeth: no prisoners this time.

Mariodante said:
So, what do we do? A story of any genre on YFT? What's YFT? What kind of stories do you want?

YFT is the acronym for Yukkuri Fanfic Translations, you can find it here!forum/yufanfics

Personally, I want the story that YOU would like to write!
Write about whatever you like, just keep it yukkuri related: looking back at YFT's story we basically covered every genre, but you can always surprise us.

To anyone who missed it, there's also Hourai's storage.
It hasn't been updated since a lot, but it's always a good way to track back some good old stories.

I'm technically not participating (at least if you need to report your intent of doing so) but while I had the intention of writing a side story in this weeks, I had been having a hard time doing so, the drive is there but can't work the damn thing out...

plagiarism is frowned upon not just inside school~

and you might be surprised how many fanfics some of us have read. :|

Disappointing, disappointing!
The only thing that saves you it's your initial intent to participate, which puts you afar from the scum who doesn't considerate the easy contest!
That's cool, spread some love-love!
Good luck with that, but I don't think you'll fool everybody.
Dosu is right and some people here have a really good memory...
Fork a new one! Pufffff

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