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There are several different yukkuri games out there, and everyone really wants these adorable things to come to life as much as possible. Instead of everyone begging for links on every game, I propose one big thread to cover all of the yukkuri games, one central thread people can go to for information and updates on yukkuri games, as well as download links.

I also propose this thread be stickied and regularly updated. Also, since I don't know all the japanese/translated names for all these games, I'm going to link to pictures of each.

First of all, the obvious most popular one, the one everyone seems to refer to as "Simyukkuri":
This seems to be the most popular... choose three ages of Alice, Marisa or Reimu, lots of options, and is in English. The graphics are pretty nice, the yukkuri can actually grow up and breed, and the options are plentiful. But honestly, as many options as there are, I think there are a couple that graphically are just as good, if not better... but as a pure simulator, this one is very nice. Try to get a hybrid!

This one looks very impressive:
Password is yunyaa
The graphics seem to be hand-drawn, and these are some of the most expressive, most impressive yukkuri I've seen in a game. Tons of expressions and actions I haven't seen in other games, including hiding in a tube, rolling and crying while flapping. You don't get to choose your yukkuri... it's a momma Reimu, a koreimu, a komarisa and a baby Reimu... but you get tons of options (open the options menu by pressing 'C') including food, floors, a poster, tissues, a giant dosu Marisa with a scar (they seem to talk to it, but I can't make out what they say), a waterfall (in which I was able to pick up the mother Reimu and drop her in, making her disappear, and even say a few words afterwards), you can even change your hand to a red abyusive hand, a light blue comforting and, and a yellow accessories/clothes hand (but be careful with the clothes, I didn't take one off, and unable to poo-poo, my yukkuri actually exploded), etc. Tons of options, but there are problems... it's very hard to lift and carry the yukkuri without dropping them, hard to place them anywhere. And it's incredibly hard to see all four at once, as they'll often hide behind each other. But this game seems to have a ton of promise as well... hell, there's even some background music! This seems to be the most impressive, artistically, of all the games. Definitely worth a look.

I've been addicted to this one:
Just one yukkuri, a baby Marisa, but holy crap, the graphics are very impressive, and the options are amazing. She'll do stretch-stretch, you can scold her right before she does poo-poo and she'll go to the toilet, and my favorite... you put out a stump, she'll go in and make a home declaration. And she'll even drag little leaves inside to make mister bed. It's adorable, well drawn, and very nice (and for the abyusers out there, there are needles that can go more more or less anywhere...). And if anyone wants to translate Marisa's many lines of speech, the lines are in a text file found in text > marisa > aka > akama_serifu.txt (except for her home declarations, those are bmp files) This one is easily my favorite game so far. If only they'd add a Patchy... absolutely worth a look. And seems promising that, since there are folders in both pics and text for 'marisa', there might be more yukkuri coming.

This one seems kinda promising...: (English, but fewer yukkuri options)
This seems promising, but there's only four in-game options... choose, grab, clean and food. Oddly enough, this one, the weakest of the bunch, has actually been partially translated. I dunno, this one's got a long way to go.

And for your sick bastards in the back, I see you back there, here's a couple more... aggressive... games.

This one takes some strategy:
In this one, you've got a Momma Reimu squirting out baby after baby after baby. The rarer the baby, the more it's worth (up to the mythic 128-point Sanae), and if Reimu squirts out the baby while under stress, it's worth more points. But if Reimu gets too weak, too stressed, or if time runs out, game over. A lot of strategy and gambling with your abyuse.

Yukkuri postal:
A very simple 3D game that lets you smack some yukkuri around. Use the data > YukkuriPostalConfig_004 menu to choose how many of which type show up.

And a couple of strange flash games...
Don't worry if you can't get far in this flash platformer. It regularly throws out impossible situations.
Three words. Yukkuri bubble wrap.

These are all the games I can find.

So... anyone think they can go ahead and translate the speech for the solo Baby Marisa game or the menu for the Momma Reimu game?


I propose this thread be stickied and people with more time than me add updates and new games when events warrant.

Updated by copycat

When I see all these simulators in moonrunes it makes me want to make the best sim ever but use wingdings for all the text.

I'd be willing to help translate either one. I'm useless with yukkuri speech though, about the best I can do is convert it into a stream of yu's, but I just havent been around long enough to know what different sounds are meant to represent.

Ill definitely take a look at the momma reimu game!

heres a very rough and poor translation by me of the menus of the third game, with the single Marisa.

This was a link to an old copy, and I don't want people getting stuck with a bad copy because they thought it was the newest


I made quite the journey trying to translate the Marisa game (the thread is somewhere buried on the second page). Turns out the .txt file has the lines, but is not the exact file the game uses to display the text (unless it has changed in the last 2 months). There's a whole translation and a journal of the translation attempt here:

Thanks for the link Artistical. I've updated the pdf with part of it as a trial run to see how the formatting went, it isn't as bad as I thought, but I'd like to improve it!!%20Marisa%20KoYukkurium%20Edition%20v0.14%20.pdf

This version is uptodate as of 1/16/14

Now onto more important things, I'm quite interested in attempting to message the developer, as he seems quite active on his development blog, and at the very least I'd like to inquire as to the possibilities of either getting access to the source or allowing us to send him a translated file and having him code in a language button (It wouldn't be too difficult judging from file structure, simply have the game check a language select variable set to either 1 or 0 and draw from either the English dialog txt or the original based upon the value.

Most developers are more than willing to accommodate a simple request like that provided it's phrased properly, after all, they want people to enjoy their game, and unlike with most doujin, there's no distribution grey area here since Touhou is a safe area, with some inapplicable exceptions.

To Eternity, regarding the 'bead'...

Bhe 'bead' is her Mister Treasure. Occasionally, she'll smack it with her butt, making it roll (the picture files refer to it as a 'kick'). It's adorable.

In the Momma Reimu game, it seems to throw the yukkuri in the waterfall, you need the red hand equipped. And in the latest update, it seems there's two new backgrounds... the beach and the forest... as well as a new hand, purple, which is a lot of pointed sticks... ooh, and A SUII! There's FINALLY a game with a suii! One game I played, the Marisa rode the suii right into her mother, who was doing poo-poo. But biggest of all, looks like there's a clickable menu across the bottom of the screen. Seems there's an 'Aya' button that's not accessable with the normal menu, but I've got no idea what Aya is supposed to be doing, other than being annoying. There's also some way to get metal pans to drop from the top of the screen, but I don't know how.

Alright, I'll bug my Japanese roommate when I see him, in the meantime I'm going to play with the source of SimYukkuri and try to port the modded content over to 1.13cantreascode and the n implement it in the English menus. It's java and the framework is already in place, so it should just be a matter of importing a few .class files.
First I need to fix the 800+ errors the source generates, I believe it's an issue with the Unicode Jdk not recognizing the Japanese close quote, so hopefully it's just a matter of replacing them all. Thankfully, I have access to all the graphics and .class files of the modded version.
Anyway, what are some changes you guys want to see? I'm thinking of increasing the chance of Patchy being born, lowering the odds of premature yukkuris and allowing the player to add yukkuri at any time. I also want to copy the two popup menus of the modded version to increase window siZe and adding of yukkuri. Is also like to modify the remilia class to be less aggressive, as even a single one wipes out any size yukkurium atm, realistically such behavior would be maladaptive since there is no way to maintain a steady food source.
Very long term goals would be making a use for money, adding more yukkuri, especially Sanae and Cirno, replacing the graphics from the modded version and adding food preferences and fatness. I'd also like to enable healing of paralyzed yukkuri, make moldy yukkuris explode (like in Marisa's New Year) and add more toys and maybe sticks. If possible, id like to have yukkuris claim nests and food. Perhaps most importantly, I want to add trees which periodically drop fruit, water (cleans, but causes damage as an exponential function, so little exposure is ignorable while longer exposure is lethal. Pee would be neat, but I'm afraid of adding to the lag and having to clean it would be annoying. I'd like to add some method of automating clean up, maybe have yukkuri bury poo or something, idk.

These are all just goals, I haven't developed for Java in years, but the framework is all in place already so I hope I can do some of it.

That's a truckload of features you have planned there Eternity xD.

I for one think that Patchouli should be among the basic types. She isn't a hybrid, after all, so having to mate a Remilia and a Marisa to have one seems rather lore-unfriendly. And I'm sure yandere would be really happy with that.

As for the rest, I think the Buri chances and adding more yukkuris anytime is fine as is. Menus are a much needed feature, and toning down Remilia's aggressiveness sounds great. Would be neat to have the whole spectrum, from a totally tame Remilia to a berserker one.

As for the long term goals, I think adding fatness sounds particularly attractive. I don't know how difficult this could be, but, if possible, the thing that would really make my day would be a more elaborate "punishment-reward" system. Have the yukkuris associate what they did wrong (for instance, currently rude types poo outside the toilet. Punishing them to correct them turns them all-around nice. Would be nice to see how they keep talking back and are full on shitheads even after learning where to poo), and act accordingly.

I am a strict caretaker, rewarding and pampering those yukkuris who are nice, and abusing the shit out of shitheads. Thus, a more complex reaction based on what the owner does would be interesting. For instance, a "petting" tool that, applied to one yukkuri, makes the other jealous, or maybe teasing from the shithead yukkuris to the nice ones, stuff like that. VERY long term of course.

But, to be honest, I would almost give that all away for more dialog. The responses are too limited, and repetitive. Would be great to see an average of 10 responses per event, that way it doesn't feel too fake.

Eternity, you're very easy :)


I actually just finished manually adding back in several thousand quotation marks because I don't trust Eclipse not to break something. The good news is that I now have a copy of SimYukkuri that I can actually compile and run, the bad news is that it completely broke the Japanese side of it, ironic am i right? I'm not too worried about it though, they already have a nice modded version so if I can figure out how to fix it I will, otherwise it's just an unfortunate side effect.

At the moment I'm just getting used to Java again and am reading through the code to get a handle on how this was acutally written. I've edited a couple of the dialogs for grammar, spelling and (my personal)comfort (I find a certain line a bit odd/effing weird so it was replaced with Wiggle-wiggle!)

I'll look into how attitude is handled, as I see so far it seems that a yukkuri is assigned an attitude at birth, and then im guessing that the punishment shifts the personality type completely. (Haven't read that far yet) So what I'll look into doing is adding additional personality types and seeing what sort of dependencies this will create.

The first things I plan on adjusting are simple variable changes, dialog and the like. Namely, things that dont require writing of new code but rather modification of existing code.

After that I'll look into adding methods and the like to the existing files.

Finally, I'll look into adding additional classes and doing major changes.

EDIT: I would just like to point out the variable names here lol.
protected boolean rapist = false;
protected boolean superRapist = false;

Please give me reccomendations for any changes to numeric values! These are things such as
-How Long something takes
-How much health something has
-how much damage something does
-All stats

I'm tempted to remove the age limit function, which kills the yukkuri after ten minutes regardless of health or other stats. It doesn't seem that a yukkuri should die of old age within the space of he game, considering how long it takes them to age in hte game.


Great news, Eternity!

Indeed, remove that limit. I always wondered why my yukkuris kept dying just because.

As for numeric values, well, what are the ranges? And what are the actual variables? Because I could sit here and toss a hundred figures, but I don't think that's much use to you :)

But, for instance, I think Reimus should have less health than Marisas, and Alices something in between. Also, Alices who fall on the rapist category, should want to refresh more often. Maybe rebalance damage between kos? They shouldn't be able to kill an adult unless they gang up. There should be an increase of the mold appearance rate on yukkuris with dirty pants (double the current rate, at least).

These are just ideas, don't know the numbers yet.

Also, is it possible to add more sprites? I could work on some more animation frames if you could squeeze them somewhere, like different corpses and expressions. I think danogoat was working on something like that for Patchy.

Alright, ill take a look into the damage. Atm current changelog is very modest. Just fixed some dialog, rebalanced orange juice to prepare for the introduction of money. Added attitudes: Guttertrash (I need dialog :D and stuff pls!) and Idol (will be specific to some komarisa's)

Yukkuris are now required to be slightly damaged to grow mold, this doesnt apply to cases of rubrub transmission. Yukkuri with pants catch mold quicker, and adult yukkuri have to eat more. I'm still getting used to things, but I;m working on adding in a Remilia placeholder atm. The behavior will be a pain, but at the moment I have myhands full just trying to figure out how to spawn the thing, this isnt laid out at all like I expected.

The ways stats seem to work is, a base value is declared in Body, then, each yukkuri has its own class, and at the bottom of these you have

public void tuneParameters() {
if (rnd.nextBoolean()) {
rapist = true;
} (This part here is unique to Alice and is the reason why some koyukkuri are born rapists. Reimu instead has the same function but for motherhood instead of rapist. Marisa has none, I'd like to implement one.)

double factor = Math.random()+1;
HUNGRYLIMIT[AgeState.ADULT.ordinal()] *= factor;
HUNGRYLIMIT[AgeState.CHILD.ordinal()] *= factor;
HUNGRYLIMIT[AgeState.BABY.ordinal()] *= factor;
factor = Math.random()+1;
SHITLIMIT[AgeState.ADULT.ordinal()] *= factor;
SHITLIMIT[AgeState.CHILD.ordinal()] *= factor;
SHITLIMIT[AgeState.BABY.ordinal()] *= factor;
factor = Math.random()+1;
DAMAGELIMIT[AgeState.ADULT.ordinal()] *= factor;
DAMAGELIMIT[AgeState.CHILD.ordinal()] *= factor;
DAMAGELIMIT[AgeState.BABY.ordinal()] *= factor;
factor = Math.random()+0.5;
BABYLIMIT *= factor;
CHILDLIMIT *= factor;
LIFELIMIT *= factor;
factor = Math.random()+1;
RELAXPERIOD *= factor;
PREGPERIOD *= factor;
SLEEPPERIOD *= factor;
sameDest = rnd.nextInt(15)+15;
DECLINEPERIOD *= (Math.random()+0.5);
DISCIPLINELIMIT *= (Math.random()+1);
ROBUSTNESS = rnd.nextInt(5)+2;
//EYESIGHT /= 2;
factor = Math.random()+0.5;
STRENGTH[AgeState.ADULT.ordinal()] *= factor;
STRENGTH[AgeState.CHILD.ordinal()] *= factor;
STRENGTH[AgeState.BABY.ordinal()] *= factor;

This part is what determines the stats of a new yukkuri (this is generated uniquely to each new yukkuri) and the best way to modify stats on a per species basis is by manipulating the multipliers here.

Please give me dialog youd like to see and the conditions you wish to see it under, also, give me any reccomendations on balancing

EDIT: One key issue with the way the game currently works is that there is no history kept about the way the anon treats the yukkuri. Rather, behavior and attitude are stored as constants. I would like to convert to a probability based system. This would allow for shitheads that sometimes listen and niceheads that sometimes bend the rules. It would also allow for more variety in terms of messages and dialogue. Unfortunately, this will require alot of coding, as all dialogue is based on ordinal values which are incompatible with such a system.


I'm guessing age limit is to avoid a clusterfuck of yus, since the only alternative way to die is stress (that will absolutely kill the entire yukkurium). No age limit = stress kills everyone.

About mold, I think it's currently overpowered. It's too easy to show up, and ruins the yukkurium. Have it showing up on dirty kos is only natural, so my suggestion is to either add more time before it shows up, or make some way for those kos to ask for a clean up. Alternatively, make yus around the ko more likely to want to clean them up.

I've had plenty of situations where a bunch of kos are born but there aren't enough adults/big sis to clean everyone, and mold reigns supreme.

Other than mold, I think the game is pretty balanced.

About auto-cleaning, the food maker can work as one, even if not perfect (for converting kos, but it's only natural). I fear that a perfectly automated system will detract from the experience. I used to run the game with the 'clean all' shortcut pressed (I think it's DEL, not sure) but only for scientific research. Maybe add it as an alternative to the shortcut (on/off)?

For other suggestions, I'd say give a look over the SimYukkuri thread, there are plenty of those there.

I look forward to your version!

You're probably right about the age limit and stress problem, but I hope to reintroduce Remilia as a population control and in my current tests, mold is likely to pop up when population is very high, knock off 50-70% of the population and then disappear again. By modifying the popup values without altering its ability to spread, it becomes based primarily on population density and less likely to spiral out of control.

What I meant about the auto cleaning system is introducting a system similar to lick lick, in that it seems reasonable that adult yu's would know to remove waste (though its very unlikely that they can keep up as population increases, so it will cap out and eventally mold will once again emerge.

The end result of this all is to create an environment that caters to a slightly higher average population than the original version while still preventing the aforementioned clusterfuck. Well thats the goal anyawy..

Would be interesting to implement a punish function that would force a yukkuri to eat shit xD

In any case, I think it's easier to manipulate the factors by outlining certain characters for yukkuri. Hence:

Shithead Reimu: Arrogant, egotistical and self-entitled. This gives:

- High hunger, high shitting, low damage limit, high relax period, high excite period, high pregnant period, high sleep period, low active period. Don't quite understand decline period and child factor, but discipline limit should be medium-low and strength low.

Nicehead Reimu: Selfless, maternal, apologetic. Thus:

- High hunger, medium shitting, low damage limit, high relax period, medium to low excite period, high pregnant period, high sleep period, medium to high active period, discipline limit low and strength medium to low.

Shithead Marisa: Arrogant, bully and downright aggressive.

- Medium hunger, medium to high shitting, high damage, medium to low relax period, medium to high excite period, medium pregnant period, low sleep period, high active period, discipline limit high and strength high.

Nicehead Marisa: Leader, good big sis, selfless.

- Low hunger, low shitting, high damage, low relax period, low to medium excite period, high pregnant period, medium sleep period, high active period, discipline limit VERY high (this to "nerf" her, and avoid making her the perfect yukkuri, at least while the flexible behavior system gets implemented. Could also work by reducing the chance a Marisa turns out nice), strength high.

Shithead Alice: Rapist by default, cunning and ko-killer.

- High hunger, high shitting, high damage, high relax, VERY high excite period, low pregnant period, medium to low sleep period, high active period, discipline limit high, strength high.

Nicehead Alice: Great big sis, hardy but compassionate.

- High hunger, medium shitting, medium damage, medium relax, high excite period (still an Alice), low pregnant period, medium to high sleep period, high active period, medium discipline limit, strength high.

Now, by high anything I mean frequency. So high hunger means eating more often, and so on. If kos, increase hunger and shitting a notch higher, and reduce strength and damage a notch lower.

All this is, of course, an idea based on my lurking around the yukkuris, taking the values posted by easy Eternity above. I could give it a whirl for dialog, but I don't think I'm terribly good at it. There's also the matter of dialog for exactly what parts you need. Hope it helps.

I agree that nice Marisas should be great leaders, with Alpha traits, and rare.

Oh, and nice Alices should be able to city-sect coordinate the yukkurium! Yes, yes.

Artistical said:
high shitting

For some reason this instantly made me want a haa mod.

We're talking about SimYukkuri, right? The popular one?

Eternity said:

Anyway, what are some changes you guys want to see?

Artistical said:

I for one think that Patchouli should be among the basic types. She isn't a hybrid, after all, so having to mate a Remilia and a Marisa to have one seems rather lore-unfriendly.


Patchy with Patchy dialogue, instead of talking like Reimu, and being available from the beginning.

And, of course, more toys. With a Patchy available from the beginning, how about a 'book' toy that appeals to only them?

Turn the age gate off. I've never had a Yukkuri die of old age, but the fact that they could in this game seems wrong.

That's what I want. A comprehensive Patchy-centric update. Mukyu!

... but if you have time after doing that, you ever notice how every Yukkuri game has spicy food that really hurts a yukkuri? I've never seen a Meiling in a game, but if she's added in, it wouldn't harm her. I don't know if that'd be hard to code or not, the food affecting different ones differently.

Home declaration might be cute, too. Maybe the first time they move over a toilet/nest.

WXRunThisTown said:

This has been suggested in the Sim thread, and would be great to add.

Even more if Alices get the ability to city-sect coordinate!

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