One Yukkuri Place

Series: I tried to do a contract with the Mother Reimu - Part 2 (marichanagashi)

Salem said:

This is the second part of that contract story. There will be the final after this.

First, mother Reimu recounted her childhood. She's born in a normal stray family. But lots of her family died and one day, her daddy Marisa and her eldest sister Marisa never came home from hunt. Her mother is broken and die few days after.

Like all Reimu, she doesn't have much skill to survive. The way Reimu type survive is by marrying and having their husband hunt for food while they stay at home. After married, they made children.

Unfortunately, her husband died when hunting. Reimu know this when her husband is not returning. Yukkuri's common sense says that it's best to cut off her children and start looking for new husband. Pruning yukkuri fruits are not counted as murder, and even if she killed her babies, she'll be fine as long as nobody founds out about it. But Reimu can't kill those children.

When she went out to hunt for food, one of her Reimyu died after being smeared in shit and piss and ripped her skin under her sleeping sisters.

The second Reimyu dies when Reimu brought home an onigiri. She ate the spicy part of the easy meal and vomitted all her paste.

Then a Maricha is found dead, covered by ants. Reimu never know if Maricha thought of looking for food or running away from home.

Back to present time, Reimu starts to tell herself, she's suffering for her children. By holding back this uneasyness, she is making her children experience happyness.

She understand being yukkuri is weak.
Why did yukkuri have children ? It's not like yukkuri can get happyness from those children. Yes, she's happy seeing her children born and eat their stalk happily. But right after it's shit, piss and complaints.
Reimu remembered how her parents are so thin and always look tired, trying to keep her and her sisters alive. Yet she only complained, although she grow out of it after experiencing a lot of hardship herself.

So, yukkuri have children so their life have a meaning. By raising the frail children, the weak yukkuri can feel easyness by knowing they have an achievement, that their life is not meaningless.

But then, voices came to Reimu. It's voice of baby yukkuri, asking if Reimu seriously believe that nonsense she's making to support herself.
Reimu is just a useless yukkuri, even worse than strays because she gave birth to the children knowing they will suffer.

When Reimu said little ones wont say things like that, they asked her, why not. Reimu is a survivor, she doesn't know how her siblings and children felt when suffering and dying. Behind that yukkuri pride she's talking about, there's many lifes gone. Baby yukkuri are just born as tool so Reimu can have that easyness called pride.

Finally, Reimu don't even have the right to say so. She never did anything for her children. She cried when her children died, but she know it will end like that. So, aren't this all just her own scenario ?

Really, she's not seriously believing that just by sitting in the box and eating shit then her children can be happy don't she ? It's all just that human's play. It's human who is giving the children easyness.

More importantly, are those children even happy ? They don't know hardship. Reimu might thought she will survive until they grow up and can survive on their own. But those two are just shitbags. They have forgotten about the hardship of their life on the street. Unlike the delusion baby yukkuri have, this experience of luxury is not possible to correct.

Reimu is broken.
The human found her convulsing after vomitting her paste and food.
Because he's curious with Reimu's resolve before, he installed a microphone. Then he heard Reimu talking to herself, debating herself.

He believed this Reimu is smart and nice, much more than the usual yukkuri. But she's too smart for her own good. Yukkuri is a birth-a-lot die-a-lot creature, they don't need to think about the meaning of life or pride. Besides, such thought will just add up the stress from losing her family.

Even as pet, eventually she won't be able to stand up on the fact she's living meaningless life as property of human.

The human whispered to Reimu words of encouragement. Her children, and most other yukkuri wouldn't have such complicated thing in their mind.
He's not sure if his words reached Reimu, but the yukkuri is still spasming.

Then he look at the children. Like Reimu said, they're shit bags. He thought the children will eventually be back to the street, so he doesn't bother training them. He just give them food and toy, just like human junkie will keep taking drugs and be happy. That's about the worst thing you can do to pets.

Well, he will heal Reimu and then have Reimu cancel the contract. He'll take them out and let them have a reunion soon.

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