One Yukkuri Place

Series: Marisa species (morutarou)

Original title: まりさ種

An Anon wanna see if yukkuri can breed with the same type...

Salem said:

Anon is trying to see if yukkuri can breed with the same type. He bought a mini-yukkuri breeding set. For this, he take the minimum contact approach, staying out of their sight and placed food without them knowing. Inside the aquarium he prepared all the necessities: food, water, house, and toilet.

First he tried with four Reimu in the tank. One Reimu is a hard worker, and as result she's worked to death by the others. And then all the other Reimu died from starvation. It's not that they don't have any food, they don't want to look for it even for their survival. Perhaps because if they go to bring food, all the rest will declare her as the next slave.

They also don't want to mate to have children. Anon theorized that this is not because they feel repulsive from mating with their own kind. They only don't want to be the "husband" because husband = slave.

After the Reimu colony failed, he tried with the Marisa.

Unlike Reimu, the Marisa shared their duty together. They explored the aquarium, and despite finding the Mister Invisible Wall, they decided to make their home. They work together to move food and water to place near their home and decided to take their dump in the toilet hole.

Then they start mating and raise their children together. One of the Marisa for example, told her child that there's no "mother" or "father" in their place because everyone take the task together.

So, the population grow really fast as next generation grow into adult and have their own children.

Finally Anon decided to stop the growth. He separate them into individual containers.
This shock made children died from stress, and the adults soon died too from depression.

Anon tried to separate the two remaining Marisa, thinking that perhaps being separated but still able to see each others are causing depression. But they starts to call out to each others weakly.

Anon did try to reintroduce Reimu to them. He want to try another type, but retailers only stock mini Reimu and Marisa.

The result is surprising. One pair killed each others when Anon is sleeping. The other Marisa is more lucky and she managed to kill and then eat the Reimu.
These Marisa doesn't even see Reimu type as the same yukkuri as them.

Anon finally told the last survivor that she's alone. The other Marisa fall into depression and finally died.

Anon felt sorry to kill them like this just because of his curiosity.