One Yukkuri Place

Series: Yukkuri training

Summary by poweryoga : The basic story is about a anon that was raising a yukkuri family as naturally as possible. Winter is coming and they didn't have enough food or shelter so they came back to anon for help, and anon provides shelter but still tells them to go hunt stuff. They don't get enough food and when they go hunting flan attacks and half-kills one of their sisters. Then Reimu begs anon to fix up her kid but she becomes mentally crippled. Then they go hunt more and become more experienced but Flan attacks again, and Reimu goes back to save little Marisa but gets killed by Flan. They return home but Marisa completely forgets about it the next day and finds Flan flying around in mister's house, and it turns out that Flan's mister's pet or something.