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Some alias and implication

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The bulk update request #69 has been approved by @EasyV.

create alias hunt_hunt -> hunting
create alias stretch_stretch -> stretching
create implication lick_lick_heal -> licking
create implication licking -> tongue_use

Nowadays, we tend to use one word instead of two to describe things about yukkuri (flapping, jumping and puffing up instead of flap_flap, jump_jump, puff_puff) so I think we should also update the rest for consistency.
"Madness" and "anti-yukkuritis" are basically the same, which describe the state of a yukkuri with a broken mind, the sole difference is that one is a general word and one is exclusive to yukkuri.
The "licking" part is pretty much straightforward.

P/s: I also think we should change rub_rub to rubbing though, but because there is already an implication for the contrary, I cannot propose it.

  • delphi
  • I prefer sweet_sweets because in English language, candy is always called "sweets"

    Make sure to alias
    sweets -> sweet_sweets
    candy -> sweet_sweets

    the suggestions, hunt_hunt -> hunting, stretch_stretch -> stretching are fine for me. Should decrease unnecessary heterogeneity in tagging.

    I don't agree with madness -> anti-yukkuritis. See post #41348 for an example of where madness is used to indicate craziness and not anti-yukkuritis

    those implications are fine.

    I'm not sure on rub_rub.

    I agree with Cosmos and redtails, tags usually use the human "normal" spelling of words rather than the yukkurified spelling of words, because only younger yukkuri slur.

    So we can change the "madness" tag to "insanity" in post #41438 case, as the wiki about anti-yukkuritis did mention that "madness is similar to this tag", and those two have a near-identical description. In anti-yukkuritis, "Yukkuris who developed anti-yukkuritis will enter a mentally-dead state" while in madness, "A mentally broken yukkuri", so I think that we either combine those two tags or change the wiki description.

    P/s: tbh, I also like sweet_sweet (or sweet_sweets) more, but if we really update all of the tags, I cannot not refer it.

    I updated the wiki page of anti-yukkuritis a while ago, and I mentioned the similarity between it and madness because I noticed these two tags share lots of posts.
    Come to think of it, madness is a much wider term when compared to anti-yukkuritis.
    A mentally dead yukkuri must have a broken mind, but a mentally broken one doesn't necessarily have anti-yukkuritis.

    Therefore I prefer the alias anti-yukkuritis -> madness, plus re-writing both wiki pages.

    As for other implications, I agree with Cosmos and redtails. Tags should be simpler and more straightforward. This is exceptionally important for anyone who are not yet familiar with yukkuri catchphrases.

    KusoNingen said:

    anyone who are not yet familiar with yukkuri catchphrases.

    Isn't it then a better idea to use yukkuri terms in tags to help people get familiar with them?

    EasyV said:

    Isn't it then a better idea to use yukkuri terms in tags to help people get familiar with them?

    Imo this is what the tagged content and wiki pages are meant for.
    Readers can choose to discover the relationship between yukkuri terms and the actual meanings if they want, and others can get a quick grasp of what's going on simply by scanning the tags.

    The discussion didn't really reach a final decision so I'll just remove the madness stuff and if you want to do something about it do it separately.