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In an attempt to keep the request thread clear of excess chatter I've made a thread for the discussion of already translated/summarized ankos and other finished stories.

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Can't find any place to have the discussion for anko without pictures.

Yukkuri taxidermist! Do the new yukkuris based on touhou have any special characteristics on these ankos?

Oh, so that's what the profession is called. :)

The new yukkuri in the story as far as I remember is only Yoshika and Seiga. Not much characteristic of Yoshika explained.
Seiga in the other hand, is a yukkuri corpse collector, gathering dead yukkuri to restore. Or in later case, yukkuri who came to her nest and died in uneasyness from seeing the corpses and the death stench filling the nest.

One story is about juggler who used his trained Meiling and Yoshika. The story mentioned that both (being Chinese bun) is lighter than manju (common yukkuri) so he refused request from Reimu and Marisa stray to use them for performance because he can't do it with them anyway (his strength)

Another one has a human trolling Seiga by showing a yukkuri doll and say he can make more perfect zombie than Seiga, then challenged Seiga to make a better one. He think Seiga's distressed look is cute.

The third one is the one I put in the topic. At the last, it mentioned that Yoshika is not made by Seiga (naturally because they don't have that magical power). Yoshika and Seiga is just like Chen and Ran or Sakuya and Remirya, different types who happen to have good compatibility and will hang together.

anko1800 was interesting, it has some nice ideas about the badge system, and even makes a bit of commentary about what truly is a platinum badge.

Surprisingly, the standars in that story are higher than in many of our stories, with exception of bronze, who are even lower, but the rest? silver is like our gold, gold is like out platinum and platinum is basically magical girlfriend tier.

Unlike in other stories were we have lower standars for gold yu's that easily lead to fake golds and such, here, there is a good reason why the gold = our platinum, skillswise.

Once again thanks for your summaries Salem!

Read anko3906 and I must say that this needs an comic adaption. 3906 beautifully explains why/where that belief that vegetables grow on their own come from as well as twisting that said belief into knots.

Anko3811 and anko1800 were also good reads, though anko1800 make me ask "Would a yukkuri/human hybrid get human-ish right off the bat or is considered a pet/object first?"


I think it is implied they would be considered humans, since platinum badge yu's are considered human like in every aspect and get human like rights, plus supposedly only yu's of such tier have the ability to mate with humans in that story.


Well to be fair, our (generally speaking) badge system is pretty stupid when you think about it.

Our Bronze badge is pretty much on par no badge at all since even premature, retarded and scum yukkuris can get them just by having the owner cough up some cash.

Our Silver badge is a nebulous in-between for everything "spent more money to step up above Bronze badge" to "one-step below Gold badge".

Our Gold badge ranges from a wacky "they can test well but falls apart once they stop studying/goes out into the real world" to "highly trained, special purpose animal (that can talk)."

And then our Platinum is "if they were bodied yukkuris, you might as well call them humans".

It does mention that the test is as good as the company doing it.
Say... a bunch of irrational lovers managed to get through the government regulation and made a company who give out badges in thought it will better protect the yukkuri. Then there will be many trash getting certified with good behaviour.

The magical girlfriend aside, the main point of the Platinum in the story is that they're considered the same as human socially and legally (as a citizen, pets are not citizen). They have to earn their own living. They will get human trial and get punishment like human.

JIE: I don't think it's implied the badge has anything to do with it. Purely (bodied?) yukkuri physiology in that story. Even Gold badge could have it, the problem is they don't have the mindset to face what's coming next.


It wasn't the badge, but the "mental" and maybe "spiritual" State, since this as yukkuris, I wouldn't be surprised if bodied yu's of "platinum" tier, disregarding of their badge, have some internal magical change that makes them different from other bodied yu's, at least that's what I assume. Unless the story mentiones cases of gold badged bodied yu's having also hybrid babbies.

After all this are yukkuris, magical bullshit making a bodied yu incapable of having hybrid babies unless it reach a "platinum tier" mindset and spirit, wouldn't be farfetched, with or without badge.

The most important part in human society viewpoint in my opinion though, is that as a citizen, they can get legally married. They can marry another yukkuri just fine without any legal stuffs; but when marrying with a human, it became an important part that can't be omitted, especially if they managed to get that child (assuming inter-species pregnancy would be more difficult because the story said there's only a few confirmed case).

Maybe a "racialist" kind of look at most for the human partner, but if the society is already used to viewing yukkuri who earned their equal place, it's not as unacceptable as human having sex with animals.


So, any other interesting anko to read ? :)

Salem said:
So, any other interesting anko to read ? :)

Since we were talking about humans having sexxors with yu's, there is this one about this Silver Badged Alice that has such "close" relationship with her owner, that now she finds any yu peni-peni too small for he liking. We only got a very short explanation of why Alice was saying "too short", not a proper summary.

post #25783

I'm mainly curious about what's going on in the overall story and maybe have a laugh at a potential scenario of Alice crushing yu's egos through mocking their "inferior" peni-peni compared to her owner's.

Got to the old 1814 & 1815 first.

Interesting story. Reminds of the issue about how tourism changed the locals.
Human tourists are at fault there for not following the rules. But like yukkuri, they don't want to be at fault and want someone else to blame (and it's the government as well as yukkuri).
Also how the government peoples know fully well. When someone is dead, everyone will overreact.


BTW, to anyone with the privilege... I misnumbered the summary. It's 1804 instead of 1800 (story about a mini, probably vampiric baby Marisa who can suck the filling from even a whole Dosu)

Just Read the summary for anko3907

LOL using yu's to teach kids that drug's are bad, BRILLIANT!
Man I can see a whole series of "Don't be like this" videos using yu's as bad role models that get bad end for all the crap they do.

And if my theory about the origin of the yu's is correct, the Asshole Wizard (let's call him Zelretch) that modified the yu's would probably go "Just as Planned" and laugh is ass off at this turn of events.

Similar symptoms and same drug (happy powder), but I think it's different. That pics seems to be entertainment abyuse oriented rather than education oriented. At least in the anko, there's no emotion towards the yukkuri like abyuser would have

Showing Yu's that in the human world sometimes your easy place doesn't belong to you completely even if it's clearly your easy place, cue for Ms Landlady and Mr Rent.

It made me wonder if we'll ever have a home invasion story on which the human explains the yu's in their own terms "Mr Law, Mr Ownership Paper, etc." the concept of human ownership that overrides any home declaration and have Mr Cops dealing with the uneasy illegal occupants that are the yu's.

It did inspire me a lil idea for a short story with the same topic but being more troll with karma end than violence.

It was interesting how the whole thing reduced to "useful and not useful", and makes the exterminators more agents of "balance" that are meant to keep the "pests" at bay without erradicating them completely.

He doesn't give any concrete idea though. From his narration, he and his friends did their job well. They exterminate all the yukkuri in their ordered area, leaving no survivor. So I think the words about human letting yukkuri stay alive itself is coming out of his emotional reaction against Reimu's words who claim yukkuri is merciful to let human alive.

If there's any hole to keep that "necessary evil", then it would be the government (extermination company's biggest client) by managing the time and location of extermination to let yukkuri recover their population.

Public wont really like the fact if it's true either. Why let "evil" turns into "necessary evil" by building a whole industry around it ? They could've just clean up yukkuri when extermination company and factories are still temporary and small ventures.
I believe that's how the public will look at it if they heard yukkuri is being let to live to support the yukkuri companies.

Ah so is more his own view and feelings of the whole thing than him being aware and willingly part of the system, right?

But being honest there is a flaw in the whole "necessity to keep strays alive", while it's interesting that the whole thing evolved into "only usefullness prevents humans from wiping you out" (rarely touched in a yukkuri story), I think they completely forget how the high reproduction rates of yu's could be exploited in breeding them for livestock, so the factory wouldn't really need strays or anything when they could easily breed their own or buy them from massive yu farms or something.

Taking aside the "anti stray" or "stray dealing" side of the market, who probably would be affected, the yukkuri market as whole wouldn't really be affected if strays were really wiped out.

JusticeItEasy said:
I think they completely forget how the high reproduction rates of yu's could be exploited in breeding them for livestock, so the factory wouldn't really need strays or anything when they could easily breed their own or buy them from massive yu farms or something.


The idea that permanently dealing with the cause of stray yukkuris will undermine jobs/the industry is a catch-22 argument and one that gets brought up all the time (indirectly of course). For an extreme example, look at war.

When war is being waged, unemployment drops like a rock right? People either work in the factories or join the military, well then why would you end the war? If you ended the war, people would lose their jobs! What a horrible thing to happen!

To tie this back to yukkuris: take the stray Reimu's fate at the end of the story. If yukkuris are willing to cannibalize their own still-living species, how long do you think it will take to figure out that humans are edible as well? Surely we can risk a few humans being attacked/killed for the sake of protecting JOBS right?! (Course, most writers don't bring this up because guro is a "bad thing" to write about.)

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