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Tweak said:
A problem with the more durable koyukkuri though: it seems impossible for them to die from refreshing. I had one refresh a dozen times in quick succession and it survived with no trouble.

Is it refreshing by vibrator?
If so, I think I may be onto something. I will try to fix it :-)

Psycho2112 said:
I have 1.8, and where are the koyukkuri? I only see adults?

At the first state, there are two adult yukkuri only. Please make them Sukkiri by vibrator. After about 5 minutes, one of the adult yukkuri will breed a koyukkuri.

Is it better to put koyukkuri with adult yukkuri at the first state? Or, is it better to choose which kind of yukkuri will be put?
I will make consideration of it in next version.


Choosing your first batch would be a nice thing, specially if you'll apply more types of yukkuris like alices, sanaes, etc.

You could always define a starter limit, like "you can only pic 8 yu's to start (adult or ko)", that way you can either make 2 small families, or 1 big family.

It's hard to tell what happened after sukkiri because there is no pregnancy indicator or additional image.

I think it's good to choose yukkuris at the start as well: Choosing adult/koyukkuris is good for variety.

Hey guys; I'm acting as a secondary developer on SY. Thanks to mimisuke for letting me in on the project!

First thing on my agenda: selecting yukkuri types on startup.

I quite like the new squashed death sprite for when they've been killed with a hammer. Nice touch. :)

Hey guys; if you grab the new version off the SVN, you can choose your starting Yukkuri population. Currently only one can be added at a time, and adults only, but hey.

(The interface blows with the force of a thousand hurricanes, but that is what happens whenever uneasy mister derpyhar is let near user interface.)

derpyhar said:
Hey guys; if you grab the new version off the SVN, you can choose your starting Yukkuri population. Currently only one can be added at a time, and adults only, but hey.

(The interface blows with the force of a thousand hurricanes, but that is what happens whenever uneasy mister derpyhar is let near user interface.)

Thanks derpyhar.

I built the codes and uploaded it to project page. You can download version 1.9 now. I also modified the codes to be able to choose the age of yukkuri.

Please enjoy!



Looking Good! 8 starting yukkuris is quite a good number, I also like you have the option to start with less yukkuri if you want as long as you answer "no" to the question of "add more yukkuris?".

The Interface is fine considering how early this builds are, we first need the main mechanics and main sprites to work, things like a more colorful interface and such are meant as the last thing to do.

Some technical observations/suggestions: Baby yukkuri frequently get stuck saying "Shmelly!" for an extended period, even after all poo has been cleaned up. I've noticed that the smashed sprites currently only apply to children or babies with their accessory; might that be applied to adults/yukkuri without accessories as well? I've also noticed that when a yukkuri without accessories is harmed by the player, the other yukkuri still react negatively. Perhaps other yukkuri could be made to cheer when a yukkuri without accessory is 'punished'?

I see that yukkuri now react to the presence of corpses, and even respond depending on familial bond! Yukkuri are dismayed by corpses in general, but parents will specifically grieve for their children and mates. If children could be made to grieve for their parents and siblings, that would be a splendid expansion. There's also a bit of contradiction, as when an accessory is removed and a parent kills its offspring, upon death, it immediately 'recognizes' its child and begins weeping, even if the accessory hasn't been returned to the corpse.

This is already a very impressive project, and all the new features continue to surprise and delight. Many thanks to mimisuke and derpyhar. :)


Every time I play around with this, I discover a new feature. By complete chance, I found that the yukkuri will eat poop if they're desperate enough for food. I left the computer for a while, came back to discover all the food had run out, and happened to spot one unhappily eating poo.

I love continuing to find little touches like that. :)

hey there OYP

the nightmares of academia are finally letting up, so I might be able to put some time into this again

are there any features you guys particularly want to see that do not involve any new graphics? because trust me, I cannot graphics worth shit

I would like it if we had more ways to play with them. Right now all we can do is feed or abuse them. What about adding obstacles or environmental features?

How about different movement speeds based on age? The adults could chase down the babies to do lick-lick or to punish uneasy yukkuri without accessories. Or yukkuri who want to refresh can bounce faster to chase down their target.

Or how about being able to place the accessories back onto the ground? The yukkuri can bounce to retrieve it, but other yukkuri would see it as munch-munch and if they are hungry will move to eat it.


He said non graphical features so obstacles and different enviroments are a big no no for now.

The speed thing based in state could be done without changing graphics, that for sure.

I would like to be able to train the yukkuris, maybe teach them to poop in a certain area or not to puff up. I don't know how hard that is by itself.

Also maybe add an option for yukkuris to stay the same age and not be able to grow up? I like being able to have families and its awkward when they grow up and refresh with their own parents...


I could probably throw together a mockup of a wall, but it would just be a black line or something until mimisuke can be a graphics wizard.

Placing accessories on the ground is... doable, but would require an actual graphic for the accessory. I can toss together some placeholders and code the behaviour, but it would be chained to the development builds pending graphics wizardry.

Changing speed based on state has been partially implemented by mimisuke (pregnant yukkuri are notably slower; not sure about age, but I think it already does), so it would not be much of a stretch to add other characteristics influencing speed. I can probably throw that into the dev builds later today.


the "refresh with own parents" thing sounds like a bug to me; it has an easy fix as well. Your initial yukkuri are all unrelated, so that will persist (though I could add a "family" preset or some such on start that would give 2 parents and 2-6 kos or something), but any actual game-generated offspring will not do that.

Designating a toilet area is something on our list already; once again, it probably needs some kind of graphical indicator, but if you guys do not mind uneasy mister stand-in graphics I can toss it in the dev builds.

Hour Later Edit

I tossed in some code to make the family structure a bit more rigid. Yukkuri now favour a particular partner for refreshing, defined as the last yukkuri they refreshed with. (This means that yukkuri will forget about their existing families if another partnerless yukkuri decides to refresh with them... could change it later, but for now I will chalk it up to anko brain.) Children will no longer refresh with their parents, nor parents with their children.

mimisuke has the final say on what gets in and out of release versions, but if you check out and compile /trunk you can get this shit as I post it.

(Next up is toilets, since I can hack a graphic for that from the food bowl.)