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Long story from hy83523 - Changing My Tune About Manjuu

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This is the story you mentioned of the guy going abyuser after being lover, right?
Hmm, It actually sounds more reasonable than anger inducing like you theorized, the guy will have darn good reasons to change, considering all the abuse and trashtalk he's getting from the pets.
Thankfully he's justified to have such mistaken view of them, since it's early in the time yu's only were in gensokyo.
I hope he kinda develops a "in the middle" mindset, giving a chance to truly nice yukkuris, while dispatching any bad yukkuri he meets.

That wasn't me that mentioned the story. That was Heptoct. I couldn't make heads or tails of the story title or what hy was referencing in his afterword, and Heptoct fixed it for me. I'd actually not heard of the story nor read it before that. :p

Personally though I don't think it's anger inducing so far either. He just randomly picked up a pair of wild yukkuris, put them in his house, said 'you live here now,' and started feeding them good food. Is there any wonder they're taking him for granted? :(

Also they're pretty much verbalizing what any wild animal that has no fear of humans would say. Including the whole declaring his bedroom their territory because they had babies there and chasing him out part. :(


Actually No, the guys just picked a bunch of shitheads, as you had seen the guy determined some rules and made sure to be clear enough about things, but the little shits wouldn't listen. The only thing he did wrong, was being soft on them and not kick them out when they proved incapable of following rules that even animals that can understand humans do.

What I mean by anger inducing is more the concept of "lover turned abyusers" that some may go "HUR DUR THOSE ABYUSE FANS MAKING FUN OF LOVERS!" not that the yukkuris themselves weren't anger inducing, which they were.
The best end for this will be the guy killing them, learn the lesson and get a nice bunch for pets instead of "random ones that turn out to be shits".

I dunno about determining the rules and being clear about it. The only rule so far seems to be the 'poo poo in the shoe box' bit, and the guy pretty much caved to yukkuri logic about 'owner's responsibility is to clean the pets' poo poo' immediately :(


That's the part where he went soft, remember that he was clear about being nice to them and that they shouldn't antagonize him, but they still went on and on, while he just remained soft instead of hard up a bit and show them some proper discipline.
Still, that doesn't justify them much, they are blatlantly shitheads, it's not a case of "misunderstanding" or animal nature, a yukkuri that speaks like them, is a shithead, even average yu's aren't as mean and as condecending as this guys.

Anyway after that discussion I feel like showing my gratitude for the translation, it may not be complete but you know, a translation is always welcome in OYP or the YFG!

Thanks as always for the good work Zidana, and Heptoct for helping her.



Heeey you, welcome back!

This is a loooong one. I'm reading it as I translate, so I'm not all that far ahead of you guys. What's been posted so far is 1 page out of 16 pages on the original thread. I figure I can do 1 page every 1-3 days, assuming the content stays consistant on the next 15 pages to this first page, at least.

Also I may end up slowing down somewhat if it gets much more Touhou-heavy. I've got no idea who any of these people are, lol. I was sitting there rendering "慧音老师" (Hue Yin Lao Shi)as 'music teacher' for multiple instances before I was like 'wait, what if that's a proper name?' So I popped it into google image search and lo and behold it was a Touhou.

The nasty thing is that the chinese pronounciation for the hanzi in these fuckers' names sounds NOTHING like the japanese pronouciations in kanji. ?+?


Yukkuri media must be made available to all! Their cuteness demands it!

zidana123 said:
I do not know. Generally I avoid Baidu. It's viruses, you know. >_>

Literally or "4chan/2ch" kind of "virus" if you know what I mean...

Literally viruses.

A while back my parents' computer was suffering from horrific slowdown, and when I ran antivirus scans, it identified a bunch of stuff like baidu taskbar and photo sharing and games and some such as malware.

well, its their fault for installing that. there are lots of plugins that only load the necessary for pages.

JusticeItEasy said:
This is the story you mentioned of the guy going abyuser after being lover, right?

...I'm having "Things Not Said" flashbacks. Not sure if I should read this.

Skribulous said:
...I'm having "Things Not Said" flashbacks. Not sure if I should read this.

What is Things Not Said?

Also, page 2 is up!

*Read Update*
>Bunch of Shithead Yu Family
>Stupidly Soft Anon
>Human Baby Close to the Shiteheads

Good Lord my Disaster Sense isn't just tingling or even rustling, it's shaking like a fucking earthquake!


JusticeItEasy said:

Yea, this has the potential to go really badly.

Then again, it might take something like the yukkuris hurting or killing the baby for the narrator to snap out of his good feeling... ness... about the yukkuris >_>

But the descriptions of the yukkuris are so adorable! @_@


Maybe they are something I wanted for a long while?
Truly Cute Shitheads?
I always wanted some artist to make cute Kiriraita tier like yu's that were blatlant shitheads, just to enjoy the clash of cute looks, horrible interiors...

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