One Yukkuri Place

Series: Where (yunteriaaki)

Unofficial title(?)

Sequel story to pool #208 (?)

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After winter, Marisa became engaged with the Chief's daughter, a smart but weak Patchouli, thanks to the daughter's insistence even though Marisa already turn down the offer because she still loved Alice.

The daughter Patchouli is supposed to be the next chief of the clan, but all the clan members never respected the weak hikikomori who know nothing but studying. Actually, everyone including the daughter herself know that Marisa is the most expected candidate as the next chief. But supporting her fiancee, Marisa has no intention to become a leader.

As spring begin and the yukkuri are back to their activities, Remirya started hunting season of yukkuri, beginning with families with lots of children who has to hunt until late night.

One of the victim is Marisa's eldest sister's husband Chen. The Chief Patchouli came and offered food her food.
Despite having two children and in pregnancy, Reimu has her pride for not wanting to be a Deibu like her mother, so she refused the offer. But the Chief Patchouli told her it's not for her own good. The food shared is just so Reimu wont make Marisa worried and endanger the clan's future.

After hearing Marisa's story, Reimu concluded that her sister is just a innocently stupid as always. Marisa is just being played in the chief's plan all along.

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