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The bulk update request #33 has been approved by @EasyV.

Note: If any alias commands are not explained by the below notes, it’s because they fix typos - for example, I aliased kawashiro_mitori to kawashiro_nitori.

Note 1: for some characters, their TouhouWiki spelling and preexisting OYP tag spelling are different (e.g. TouhouWiki spells “genjii” with two “i”s while OYP spells “genji” with one “i”). I’m unfamiliar with Japanese/romanization, so I left the OYP spelling as it is.

Note 2: There seemed to be duplicates of tags, but on closer inspection, there were not. Some single-name characters had both a [charactername] tag and [charactername]_(character) tag, while some double-name characters seemed to go by both their first and second names. The distinction, I think, is that the simplest [charactername] form refers to the yukkuri version, while the addition of a more complex (character) or surname suffix denotes the character themself. Anyways, the tags of both the yukkuri versions and the “real” versions are in here.

Note 2.1: There’s no difference between mimi-chan and mimi (because there’s no yukkuri version of the missile), so I aliased mimi to mimi-chan.

Note 2.2: There’s no difference between lily and lily_white, since the character herself is tagged as lily_white_(character), so I aliased lily_white to lily (since she’s the OG character, and lily_black is simply an alter version of lily).

Note 2.3: There’s no difference between shanghai and shanghai_doll, since the character herself is tagged as shanghai_(character), so I aliased shanghai_doll to shanghai (since the character is already referred to as shanghai).

Note 2.3.1: You’d think that Hourai’s tags would be as simple as Shanghai’s tags, but no. There seems to be no real difference between hourai and hourai_doll, but it might come in handy later, so I’m leaving it for now.

Note 3: Putting it here so I don’t forget - the Yuki tag refers to the Haruhi character, not the Touhou character.

Note 4: The -chen suffix denotes a neko version of the tag in question. Some characters have a neko version, some characters don’t; I think I got all of the existing ones in this list.

Note 5: Should we keep the satsuki/satsuki_rin tags as they are? TouhouWiki quotes tweets from @cynthia_koko as evidence that Zun’s original artwork was not of Rin Satsuki. Nevertheless, people know the mysterious heroine by the name Rin Satsuki, so I think we should keep the tags.

Note 6: The “common name,” by which fans refer to someone, is not obvious. For example, Kazami Yuuka is referred to by her first name (yuuka) while Satsuki RIn is referred to by her last name (satsuki). I checked every one of these tags, but I might still be missing a few.

Note 6.1: As I got up to Ran, I realised that OYP tags yukkuri versions by a character’s first name (e.g. Ran’s tag is “ran”) but tags character versions by a character’s Japanese name format (e.g. Ran’s tag is “yakumo_ran”). This confusion is only for PCB-onwards characters with Japanese names. Should we change “yakumo_ran” etc. to “ran_yakumo” etc.? It’d make it easier to search up characters (since the prompt “merlin” returns the suggestions “merlin” and “merlin_prismriver” but the prompt “ran” only returns the suggestion “ran”).

Note 6.1.1: The character Tewi is tagged both as tewi_inaba and inaba_tewi (but not Reisen, strangely enough). I aliased tewi_inaba to inaba_tewi for consistency’s sake.

Note The character Reisen is tagged both as reisen_(character) and reisen_udongein_inaba. I aliased reisen_(character) to reisen_udongein_inaba because more people use the latter tag.

Note The character Lunachild is tagged both as lunachild and luna_child. I aliased luna_child to lunachild because more people use the latter tag. Ditto for the other two mischievous fairies.

Note Ditto for Rinnosuke.
Note 6.1.2: I aliased ibaraki_kasen to ibara_kasen since more people use the latter tag.

Note 6.2: Sukuna is an exception: she is referred to as sukuna and sukuna_shinmyoumaru, which is an example of my solution.

Note 7: Dr. Yagokoro is the meme version of Eirin. I'll add it to the wiki. Done.

Note 8: Some characters have animal forms. In theory, mystia_(bird) would refer to a yukkuri-bird hybrid, while mystia_lorelei_(bird) would refer to the actual bird, but in reality, there are no artworks of yukkuri-bird hybrids (yet). I’m still keeping both tags, just in case.

Note 9: There are content tags that take the form of [charactername]_(cosplay). There are very few images that use these content tags, so should we use the charactername and cosplay tags instead?

Note 10: There’s a tag in the character category called kisume(artist). I'll fix it. Seems like the artist shares a name with a character, so they have to be called kisume(artist) rather than kisume.

EDIT: The bulk update request #33 (forum #14117) has failed: Error: The genji tag needs a corresponding wiki page (create implication genji -> touhou)

EDIT: This bulk update request is pending automatic rejection in 5 days.

EDIT: The bulk update request #33 (forum #14117) has been approved by @EasyV.

Updated by OniisanBot

I will slowly check the list of tags, but a few notes in random order:
The deal with surnames is that some of them are wrong; the surname comes before the name, but some tags are simply wrong.
There are a few exceptions, like Reisen where in the original game her name is spelled in the order "Reisen Udongein Inaba". You might want to check the touhou wiki.
Kasen's surname is actually "Ibaraki", so that should be used regardless of number of tagged posts.
The tags without a surname are only for yukkuri. If a character doesn't have a surname, append "_(character)" to it.
The dolls should probably be aliased to the _(character) tag, rather than the yukkuri, since normally yukkuri don't have qualifiers.
About yukkuri themselves, they are tagged using the first name of the character regardless of other conventions. That's why Youmu is Youmu and not Myon.

Important: there's a very high chance that our friendly bot OniisanBot will complain about missing wiki pages. I'd be glad if you could create a wiki page for the tags that don't have it.
I'll help out too, don't worry. You don't even need to be creative: just a one-liner saying "yukkuri based on {this person here}" is more than enough.
I mean, just look at the wiki history and what I wrote...

EasyV said:

Had to remove the category changes due to an error in the software.
Check topic #11289 for more informations.

I shouldn't have done it, because now they can be reinstated... :(
I'll do it later unless someone beats me to it.

I saved it to a doc lol. Here they are:

category mystia_(bird) -> touhou
category mystia_lorelei_(bird) -> character
category fujiwara_no_mokou_(phoenix) -> character
category inubashiri_momiji_(wolf) -> character

Though now I had a thought: can the site withstand this amount of changes?
I hope so.

@redtails (et al.)
Don't create wiki pages for tags that will be aliased to another tag.
Look what happened to the "see-saw" aliasing thread.

Let's hope nothing terrible happens.

EasyV said:

Kasen's surname is actually "Ibaraki", so that should be used regardless of number of tagged posts.


Mikato said:

The character Lunachild is tagged both as lunachild and luna_child. I aliased luna_child to lunachild because more people use the latter tag. Ditto for the other two mischievous fairies.

In hindsight, I shouldn't have aliased that.

The names without spaces (sunnymilk, lunachild, and starsapphire) seem to be used for the yukkuris, while the names with spaces (sunny_milk, luna_child and star_sapphire) seem to be used for the characters.

However, TouhouWiki gives their full name with spaces, and refers to the characters by their first names.

I think we should therefore alias sunnymilk, lunachild, and starsapphire to Sunny, Luna, and Star respectively, while not changing the character tags.

Any thoughts?

I prefer the spaced/underscored version to be the name of the character.
Saves us from adding "_(character)" which is always annoying.

The bulk update request should be able to be approved, as I've checked, and all the characters have wiki pages.

Thank you all for your help!

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